The GIF game


Hey guys, thought I would start a new game. This game is simple. Everyday I will post a question, and all you have to do is post a GIF that best answers the question. At the end of the day I will pick my favorite memes and that user will earn a brownie points. 1 for 3rd place, 2 for 2nd place, and 3 for FIRST place. There will be bragging rights to whoever has the most points at the end of each month.

A couple of rules:
1, no inappropriate memes
2, be graciously professional
3, have fun! (as long as you follow the FIRST 2 rules)

I will update people on the leader board weekly.

The "You are wrong" Game

FIRST question: Describe how your build season has gone.

All GIFs must be submitted by 8:00 PM central time


Little Bit Nyancat

BAN the person above you!

You gotta set deadlines on a project like this. Sometimes you nail it, sometimes you miss.

Sometimes you miss by a lot.



It’s been alright.


Image result for lion falling in water gif

Just started a second robot yesterday…




Alright the results are in and here are the winners:
FIRST: @CatCat3323 - 3 points
2nd: @LordPeaches - 2 points
3rd: @brandon5638 - 1 points

Honerable mention: @Connorfleet


Top Four:

  1. @CatCat3323
  2. @LordPeaches
  3. @brandon5638
  4. @robert3827, @Connorfleet, @bobbysq, @SPang


Next question, describe how you will feel after the robot is bagged.




Related image





The results are in:
1st: @CatCat3323 - 6 points
2nd: @ConnorFleet - 2 points
3rd: @LordPeaches - 3 points


Top Five:

  1. @CatCat3323
  2. @LordPeaches
  3. @Connorfleet
  4. @brandon5638
  5. @robert3827, @bobbysq, @SPang


Describe the feeling when something you’ve worked hard is successful on the FIRST try.