The Good Ol' Days

This is a picture after we won the Ford Sweet Repeat in 2001. This is another name the people of FIRST type thread. It may be easier since not all of them are still on 461. Tell their positions on the team then and the positions on the team now. Some have changed teams, which may make it easier to name them. Some people are still in the same positions though. A few are very important people in FIRST.

I will tell you this. It was my first competition of my freshman year (Yes, I am in the picture).
If you identify (without anyone’s help) everyone in the picture and tell what their positions were then and what they are now (ex. Joe Bob, was HS student on 461, now is a college student [advisor] on team 97). If they quit first, just write “quit FIRST”:frowning: . If you are the first to Identify everyone without help, (and tell positions), I will give you a 461 shirt next year. If you Identify people with help, I will still give you some super cool 461age (only not a shirt). Only non-461 people, or people who have not been on 461 before or during 2004 can win stuff.

Good Luck to Everybody!!! :]