The Governor's Cup, NH 2019

The Governor’s Cup is a competition for NH teams to compete for scholarships funded by generous sponsors backed by Governor Sununu. Registration for this event is open, and information can be found here:, and through their social media (FB, Twitter, etc).

In the event people have questions that aren’t covered in those places, I may be able to assist in getting information that is not on the website.

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I just wanted to thank our alliance partners, Oz-Ram Team 1922 and Phoenix, Team 2432, for being such amazing teams yesterday! We worked so well together and we couldn’t have done it with out both of you.

Bob (319), CHAOS (131), PVC Pirates (1058) and Screaming Eagles (1831) were terrific opponents, playing with the best of gracious professionalism and skill.

While we’ll miss seeing Screaming Eagles at River Rage 23, we look forward to playing with all of you again in just three weeks! :slight_smile:


You guys definitely deserved it, and I’m happy to see you and Oz-Ram teaming up again after an insane performance at Southern NH earlier this season. Can’t wait to play with you again at River Rage!


Congrats to 1729, 1922, and 2342 on your victory! You guys played extremely well.

Thank you to our alliance partners 238 and 3323. We performed extremely well together and had a great time pushing 131, 319, and 1058 to four semifinal matches! That tie was insane. We can’t wait to work with you guys again.

We also debuted our new suction climb at the event, and were pleased that it was working perfectly by the end of the event.

See you all at River Rage 23 and Battle of the Bay!


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