the hardest part of logo motion

Has anyone come up with an effective method for remembering what order the logos go in?

If I see a logo then we are in big trouble!

Has anyone come up with an effective method for remembering what order the logos go in?

Doing FIRST for 10 years and counting :slight_smile:

Assuming you’re in the driver’s station, scoring logos in front of yourself the From Right to left: Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square.

And if you can’t remember that, think of it like this: The Circle always goes on the highest peg of the row, then to it’s left is a square and to the circles right is a triangle. (Again, if you’re in the driver’s station scoring on yourself.)

If you’re really in a pinch, look at your opponents peg board, and do the opposite.

if this is an issue I recommend just taping some symbols to the driver console in the correct order as a reminder.

We messed up once in two competitions. It isn’t that hard to remember, but it happens.
Backwards logos are more fun anyways =P

Yes. Memorize it.

From the drive team’s point of view:

Red = Right


Here is a fairly complicated way to remember:

Think of Pi.

Reviewing the objects number of exposed points on the game pieces - Triangle (3), Circle (1), Square (4)

Now that I’ve thought about it more, if my drivers need a reminder on what order to score tubes in, I’d probably start looking for new drivers…

Yeah that is what helped me pick our final drivers, one alway forgot the logo. I haven’t ever had to tell our driver where to place a tube.

Don’t know the logo, go scout and learn it for off-season! :wink:

…because “Red, White and Blue” is too hard for us Americans to figure out? :smiley:

.sdrawkcab knihT

I think of it like 3-2-1.

Tri-an-gle Cir-cle Square.

If you are like me and play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night like a pro, here is an easy way to remember the logo. since to shield dash on playstation you need to hit triangle to dash and then circle to cancel that dash, and sometimes you need square to attack.

We number the pegs, and then memorize it from there. 1 and 4 are squares, 2 and 5 are circles and 3 and 6 are the triangles.

just look around the venue and put the tubes in reverse…There is bound to be a logo somewhere or you can just put a picture on the classmate

I love how nobody had thought of reversing the Logo and setting it as a laptop background :3

Or use this wonderful rhyme.
“Blue, white, red. Blue, white, red. I’ll say it til its stuck in your head!”

Cell phone, or iPod background. You look at it every day and after seeing it a few times you should be able to memorize it.

As a driver, I see the logo as the French flag (blue-white-red). And besides, once you memorize the red is on the right of you (or the blue on the left for the matter), you can’t really go wrong with the others.