The Hitchhikers' Completed Frisbee Shooter

This is our finished shooter for this year! We were rather surprised not only by how powerful the shooter was, but also by how successfully the hopper preformed. Overall, things seem to be going quite well this year and we look forward to seeing you all in Palmetto.

Looks good! Are you guys associated with a school at all? I always have a great deal of respect for “garage teams” (although it seems like yours is pretty well equipped!).

All of your team’s videos are so well produced. My compliments to your media team. Great job. Nice shooter too.

We’re associated with Athens Drive Highschool, but we meet in a team members large garage. The Goodfreds have generously agreed to host us for the season, and it’s been great!

Carl does all of our videos, and he is certainly incredibly talented at what he does! I’m looking forward to seeing our competition videos with two GoPros on the robot and 4 additional cameras filming.

Don’t remember if the video shows it or tells specifically, but we can shoot 4 discs into the 3pt. goal from 30ft away in approximately 4 seconds (from the time we start spinning the shooter’s wheel to the final disc scoring).

That’s an awesome shooter…can’t wait to see it in action in Raleigh. 27 Days!!!

Looks great! We’re going to the same regional, can’t wait to see it for real :wink: