the holy balance

Its at ~1:32-2:02

This was the best bridge balance so far that we never want to see happen again. Our lead mentor has dubbed this the holy balance. The only damage done to either robots was the angle our camera was attached to bent backwards. When 2129 fell on us we caught there support structure behind there curtain. Great match 2129, hope we get to work with you guys again tomorrow.

-Brian E. Boehm

I saw this happen live and couldn’t believe my eyes. Way to go Calcs.

…ok, I don’t know if even luck could get you that good. It must have been skill, luck, and at least a tutch of divine intervention.

one of you two must be predicted to make a big impact in something involving the robot not reciving major wounds or u winning that match.

Wow! Great camera angle for sure.
The most lucky (or holy) balance at OKC today sure was this one. Watch the last few seconds on the middle bridge.

That happened to us today. We were stuck on a ball on he coop bridge that I couldn’t see, so when I drove off to try to reorient, we flipped straight up, but managed to fall back on our wheels and pull off the balance. There’s nothing like that wave of relief when the bridge levels out.

It was more like self preservation. The little bot didn’t want to be road kill :ahh:
Great save.

yeah me and the person next to me thought there curtain was going to tear and that they would swallow us whole :ahh:

The scariest part was when we also tipped, I thought we were done for sure… But remember, this wouldn’t have happened if we had stuck to the plan and stayed bumper to bumper…

The Driver

1071 had a game saving balance in semi-finals in CT. I would say it was a last second balance, but I’m not sure that quite accurately explains how late it came.

Still, crazy stuff happens all the time during matches, and the fact that you stayed calm enough to pull out of that situation and STILL SCORE is proof of a good driver. Me, I start yelling.

GTR West’s Q87 Coop balance between 1334 and 1246 was pretty interesting too.

Video here:

only one robot tipped but one never righted itself, wish i was there bet the crowd exploded like they did at north star

This is the most epic balance I have seen all year:
The blue alliance has lost the first match of the semis and has the lead going into the endgame. They are up 14 and the red alliance has already double balanced and cannot triple because one of their robots is not moving. The clear right move here is to go for the single balance and seal the win but they go for the double instead, they do not get it, the buzzer sounds, and it looks like it’s all over but then 558 rolls off the bridge and 1071 magically balances to force a third match which they win and sends them to the finals.

i can imagine 1071’s drive team turning to each other after the match and saying “just like we planned it good job guys” :stuck_out_tongue:

i can imagine 1071’s drive team turning to each other after the match and saying “good job guys just like we planned it” :stuck_out_tongue:

1071 no-stick’d it.

There was a time in KC where one robot fell on top of another little one (not on the bridge, just on the field), and a third robot (was it the other alliance? It may have been…) had to come over and help the little one on bottom push the big one up.

This is our last at coopertition


At GTR West, there was a robot that tried to balance and ended up escaping the field

I must see this, do you have a video?