the ideal work shop

ok,so, someone out there decides to let your team purchase 3 items for your shop. what would you purchase?

Let me think. One would definately have to be cabinets and/or a safe to store team stuff in to keep the area tidy.

Second, I would go with a Rapid prototype machine of some sorts, maybe an SLA machine. Nice to see things work assembled before making them with real materials.
Plus then we could make little giveaway models of the robot, and maybe make an (almost) fully functional life size SLA robot for displays.
That would be cool

Third, hmmm… Oh, I got it. A nice new highly powerful computer to do the animations on. Well, maybe not to make them, but to at least render them rather high quality and rather quickly.

Probably the “best” computer attainable at the time wiht all imaginable software programs and games for those much needed breaks at 3:00 a.m.
One of those plastic modular machines that can make your prototypes automatically through cutting shaping and bending plastics
Oh and lastly that cutter that used Liquid Nitrogen that was mentioned in Popular Mechanics I think it was

Hey the stuff is free why not aim high and it doesn’t hurt to ask!!!

  1. A HAAS cnc mill

  2. waterjet!

  3. a HAAS cnc Lathe

ooooh good thoughts :slight_smile:

I wouldent mind having any of thoes at all. i dont think any one would. now that were done dreaming, what do you actually have to work with, wither it be at ur school or at ur sponcers aera

Three things:
A mill/lathe/drill press combo
A waterjet
A complete snap-on tool collection complete with toolbox.

Our current workshop consists of a bench top drill press, a miter saw, two tables made from sawhorses and plywood, two small vises and various hand tools.

Wow, that is exactly our workshop, too. 'Cept it isnt a workshop but a physics room, one thats in use. And we dont have tables, we just bang away on those hard black topped science room tables.

O btw, you forgot one of the most important tools, the Dremel :slight_smile:

Three things I’d like to see at our build site:

#3. ProtoTrak three axis motorized mill (includes digital read out)

#2. Better lathes, possibly a few nice South Bends (time to retire the current Jets)

And finally #1. Space (or a room) for our team only and not used for anything else.

after you retire them, feel free to give it to a less fortunate team… like say 1257… :slight_smile:

Duct Tape and a Hammer- thats all you need.

and this really sweet hacksaw one of my team mates has.

  1. Cut to length

  2. Hammer

  3. Duct tape together

  1. cots

  2. pillows

  3. blankets

Valve grinder, tire changer, and tire balancer.

OH…the team’s shop!..a CNC mill, CNC lathe, and an english wheel (oh wait back to the team’s shop)…and a reciprocating saw (so useful in so many situations).

I would love to have some nice equipment for my own shop…or what will become a shop, but most of that stuff is more automotive related than robot building related. It would also be really nice to have some new machines for the team’s shop, which currently has a mill, a lathe, a drill press, a bandsaw, a chop saw, and many hand tools.

We just got some welding equipment for the shop, and a horizontal band saw, which as I understand it, came from Grundy…

The horizontal band saw will make things soooooo much easier. :smiley:


What we have: a couple lathes (one of which has a mind of its own), a couple mills (Ol’ Bessie has a mind of her own, Ernie is happy, and the other, I wouldn’t know), drill press, metal bandsaw, wood bandsaw, radial armsaw, grinders, more saws, various hand tools, and um… oil :smiley: Oh, and we [somewhat] recently got a horizontal bandsaw which makes me feel oh so tall. Makes cutting steel fun too (okay maybe it doesn’t, but it makes it easier).

What we need: more computers for CAD/animation/Chairman’s, a continual supply of caffeine and food (for during build), and um, more food… Wait, no, maybe more space… We are so stealing the empty classroom next to us.

a lathe, a mill, and a power hacksaw to chop things up quicker. we happen to have all three at our current shop, which is just the back of the physics room…we could use a much better lathe, however; the current one isnt very precise. we also happen to have an arbor press, a drill press and some misc. hand tools.

three things i would purchase in addition to what we already have? probably a rotary table, a copy lathe and a nice welding setup…right now we can only do limited welding, and its off-site. all in all, though, we have decent access to what we need.

  1. 3 Axes CNC Milling Machine

  2. 5 Axes CNC Milling Machine

  3. Lazer Cutter

  1. CNC Mill (we don’t have a mill period, manual or otherwise)
  2. Rapid Prototyping Machine
  3. Water Jet