The Impact of FIRST (student survey, please fill out!)


I am currently working on a project trying to understand the impact of STEM education and programs like FIRST. If you could fill this short survey out, that would be great. Thank you!

Also, if any mentors would like to comment on how FIRST or other STEM related activities has impacted your students, please share below!

Edit: sorry to those who were locked out, I just fixed the form.

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I believe you need to change the settings on your form so that people outside of your school’s organization can view it.
(On the form, Settings -> General -> “Restrict to users in …” checkbox)


Is this survey only for current students or for anyone who has ever been a student part of FIRST?

Thank you, just fixed it.

i legit just thought i bypassed it somehow, was about to post the link here and saw this.

mainly for students, but if you want to fill it out based on what your hs self would say, thats fine by me.

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