The importance of Informed Consent with regards to psychological experiments

Hopefully this doesn’t get deleted, because I want to make this post in full seriousness. I wanted to drop an article from the American Psychological Association about informed consent in case any of you wanted to conduct an experiment on unwitting users of Chief Delphi and write a paper and intend to have it taken seriously:

I’m only doing this based off of my PSYC100 class information so if someone wants to tell me I’m wrong who knows more about psychology or is a psych major please let me know.


I’m testing out a new meme:


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To reiterate:


Please don’t get my thread deleted


I was just providing an example of asking for informed consent rather than just subjecting people to a “social experiment”… or maybe I’m just masking my inner need for validation with a higher order problem statement. You decide and tell me in the comments.

That was more in response to @Brian_Maher

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