The Incredibles.

I’ve already seen this film twice and I want to take my animation team to go see it for “inspiration”.
Lots of action. Lot’s of laugh. Lots of fun. Better than Shrek 2. A-

Yeah it was awesome. We had a LAN saturday and took a break to go see the movie. Then we spent the next three hours discussing which of the powers we would want, and how many laws of physics were broken, and how feasible some of syndrom’s inventions were. Good times.


Hey I thought the Omnibot would make a good FIRST robot. A little overweight but drill some holes in him and he’s ready to rumble!

As for powers I would love telekenisis.

Other than the fact that syndrome’s the bad guy, I’d almost take the inventions over the powers. There’s a limit to biology, to the powers, but there’s no limit to science, and the inventions. Although telekinesis would be neat.

Omnidroid used with permission from George Lucas. It said that at the end of the credits. Were the credits turned from one side or the other from time to time or as it just me?


Yeah, the credits were AWSOME! I loved the holographic type graphics in the credits, and I loved the whole animated credits too! I loved that movie, I even heard that it might be pushed by Disney for Best Picture of the Year at the Accademy Awards…

It’s a shame Disney fired Pixar because I don’t know if a sequel can happen now.

They didn’t fire Pixar, Pixar is refusing all of Disney’s negotiations to re-instate another contract between Disney and Pixar. Their last movie together will be Cars. Also, all characters created under the Disney distribution will become Disney property, thus, allowing Disney to create sequels of Pixar movies without Pixar’s consent.

Again proving that Pixar is a really smart company and Disney, sadly, is not.

I saw this movie last night and I thought it was hillarious! The best part was when he picked up the car and the little kid on the trike saw him and his bubble popped. That was amazing, I couldnt stop laughing. The little devil baby was awesome too!

Whats up with that?! The preview for that movie was the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Most movie previews give a basic idea of what the movie will be about. This one just showed some random talking cars driving into bumble bees, then driving around a track.

I agree, and you’re not alone. Is it just me, or do you think they are playing to a select crowd? I mean it deals with NASCAR, has a Green Day song in the credits, dosn’t sound very Pixar like. Oh well, it’s John Lasseter’s pet project, has to be good then…

I just went to see this movie today with some friends and really liked it. Not being a shrek fan, I think it’s the best pixar I’ve seen. Best part of it still has to be the devil baby. Absolutely no-one expects that.

Originally Posted by Tom Bottiglieri
Whats up with that?! The preview for that movei was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. Most movie previews give a basic idea of what the movie will be about. This one just showed some random talking cars driving into bumble bees, then driving around a track.

Agreed, I was very worried about the movie when I saw that preview. Almost worse was that jack-rabbit poem at the beginning. Didn’t belong there, and I think most people got sick of it in about 10 secons…or maybe that was just my group…after all the movie is designed for people a tad bit younger.

Biology IS science and, for now at least, inventions are limited by the biology that creates them. :stuck_out_tongue:
There is an amazing complexity to biology, just look at cellular respiration.

Biology Major Wetzel

i heard that the soundtrack to the movie is really awesome…i haven’t heard it yet tho…

On a scale of 1-10 I would have to give it a 8. For me, some of the effects were a bit wild but what should I expect? My favorite character was like lil boy.( I forget his name!) I wish I could run that fast!