The Inevitable WATER thread

So…water or no water next year?
Large tank, small moat, medium bucket with scoring objects in it?

What do YOU think?


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no wetzel

water= water on robots

water on robots= robots no work no more

Whatever you do / FIRST does ], don’t drink the water…

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Water = not going to happen

No water. Ever. No questions.

No water, I hope

I don’t know, FIRST Water and a water field would be good promotion…

Baywatch FIRST

Maybe the mysterious changes in the kit of parts will enable the bot to be submersible.

Probably unlikely, but entertaining to muse about.

It would definitely require a new playing field configuration that is rumored to be coming about this year.

I don’t think having the playing field double as a swimming pool would be practical. However, if the robots had to manipulate an object into or out of a bucket of water… that would be cool.

I don’t think it’s going to happen though. :frowning:

  • Katie

Nah…not water.

Multi-level field…(maybe with not steps or ramps) :smiley:

A pool field :smiley: It could be interesting.

No water, ever, period

Nobody is going to let a team build a sample field at a gym, or buisness that contains a big pool of water. Reigonals are the same most people get uptight about the shoes you wear on a gym floor tell them you are putting water on top of it and…
Not going to happen

Why not? Talk amongst yourselves.

no water hazard. if you accidently drove your robot into it you could have your whole team ready to kill you. unless it was watertight…

Heh. Water hazards would be scary. I’m thinking no…there would be too much to lose due to a water accident.

(weedie: and you think Ken gets nervous now :P)

Let’s see…

  • New RC: $565
  • New Radio: $150
  • 5 New Speed Controllers: $525
  • 3 New Relays: $105
  • Having your team sneak into your hotel room and suffocate you with a pillow because you accidently drove through some water and cost them $1345: Priceless

Maybe they could use distilled water. :stuck_out_tongue:

I though FIRST was trying to cut money by getting rid of the parties and the big video screen thingy (highly technical name). So if anyone considers that water might be involved think of the new field they would have to construct and the water and rescue equipment to get back our fallen commrades. All of that takes money! too much money!