The Inspiration Foundation First Meeting

Greetings all. I’m happy to announce our first meeting this Friday (8/22) at 9 PM EST. The meeting will be held in the chat room located at We’re asking everyone that participates to use their name (or the name their known by) followed by your team number. Ashlee Snodgrass will be heading up the meeting as I will not be around (I’m away on family business sadly). She will also be logging the meeting so that we have physical records of all our meetings. If you cannot attend the meeting and want to see the log of the meeting, feel free to email her at requesting the log. Hope to see you all at the meeting.

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Wilco. However, the link you provided isn’t working, Leon.


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**Wilco. However, the link you provided isn’t working, Leon.

–Petey **

He accidentally added a period to the end of the link.

I edited the link in the FIRST post, sorry thought the technology was smarter than Word. Guess not, oh well.

I didn’t know someone actually started working on first-a-holics again. I am also very surprised and glad that it has taken on the same look as it did before. I only hope it stays open to everyone like it was before.

We try. We’re also looking for more people to help, so feel free to sign up.

what does one do to help exactly ? i have read the site but havent really seen any specific examples of what it does

I would be more than willing to help out first-a-holics. I know php with mysql and asp so I can do a lot of web devel.

Webprogrammers would be majorly helpful, but also people just to give ideas on setup, design, what the FaH should do, etc. We could have some major fun with this program but it’s gonna take all of the FIRST-a-holics in the world to get this running. If anyone is interested in helping out, feel free to email me at until we get a forum or communication system up and running.

Be nice and post up an irc server and channel - I hate java chats.

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**Be nice and post up an irc server and channel - I hate java chats. **

Also if somebody has a topic that they would like placed on the agenda for the meeting please e-mail or private message me. Ill be checking it before the meeting kicks off.

A note for tommorow’s meeting. The first thing you type in when you enter will become your nick, if you are using the java client.