The International Haiku Championship

Rules for the International Haiku Championship:

(and yes, haiku is the plural of haiku)

  1. All haiku must obey the 5-7-5 standard form. Disqualification for all who disobey this rule, for pure idiocy.

  2. No pun-based haiku will be allowed in this forum. SO keep it out of the thread, Zandrew Angry…

  3. Extra points will be awarded for haiku that rhyme. For sheer aesthetics and competition.

  4. Points will be decided by the registered adults and mentors of SPAM team 180. Because we own.

  5. Haiku must relate in some way to FIRST, previous competitions, or team logos and/or mascots.

  6. All haiku will need a unique one-word title to be judged.

  7. Only two haiku per person. Any violators will be disqualified.

  8. The points will be announced as they are decided, listed by haiku title.

  9. There is a two week time limit for postings. Any infractions by “accidental haiku posting” will result in disqualification. Scores from the last haiku will be posted within the week after the end of the 14 days. Final scores, posted by user-name, will be posted as soon as we can figure them out.

  10. My rules must sound overly technical and completely too serious for this thread, but will be obeyed for the grand prize.

A commemorative piece of SPAM memorabilia (maybe one of those groovy black shirts… ), and a few other random prizes we might pick for ya.

The two weeks begins Sunday, January 19th. Happy writing :smiley:

*Originally posted by BingoTheClowno *
**(and yes, haiku is the plural of haiku)

It’s about time someone noticed! Being american does not give one the right to screw up foreign words…

well, with respect to the other haiku mofos of SPAM, it’s not really that common knowledge, so I thought it should be cleared up for the championships.

Haiku submitted before the 19th will not count, but can still be posted for critiques… (for those who actually care…)


Of course haiku is plural for haiku.
The Japanese have no plural words.

Useless fact of the day #295


I don’t think additional points should be added for rhyme bonus.

That’s cheap and they will all rhyme.

And puns are cool…

Hate to say it Bingo but this fell flat on its face. Oh well, I guess I will submit one.

Competition, eh?
Let Mull Daddy enter it
Win just like Fluffy

Seeing as how I am the only one who has entered the competition, why not take second place as well!

Unanimous choice
to win the championship
So I can say “DOINK!”

Tetris in background
Info on other teams scarce
Three weeks gone so far

Team 1018 is
RoboDevils Pike High School
All of you will LOSE


FIRST is the greatest
We all know the latest

OOO I made a new word so mine rhymes. Eat that cookie.

Rickety Spicket
Water pours out so lick it
I will lose cricket

This is not a Haiku…

…is it my imagination or are my fellow SPAMmers begining to cut back on the poetry and Haikus? I guess it was one of those things that are in style for a short time, like the “tickle me elmo”, it was available for about three days and then it couldn’t be found anywhere in the country.

Okay, you did not just reference Tickle Me Elmo.

What is wrong with tickle me elmo?

[quote]*Originally posted by BingoTheClowno *
**Rules for the International Haiku Championship:

  1. Extra points will be awarded for haiku that rhyme. For sheer aesthetics and competition.

Gila Gila He
Gila Gila Gila Me
Gila Gila We

The sun finally got to me.:yikes:

Ken Loyd
Team 64 :cool:**[/quote]

So far we only have one official submission. Review the rules guys… no title means no haiku

Tetris in background
Info on other teams scarce
Three weeks gone so far

(since i can’t edit the original post, here we go)

With force the ramp quakes
Ominous autonomous
Bots making thunder

To both of ya who have just posted (or re-posted) your haikus… that counts as two submissions, only one of which will be counted. You’re on spam anyways, though! What memorobilia do you think we have for you?