The "is traverse rung worth it" calculator

Following Galaxia traditions, team alumni showed up to kickoff this year only to contribute nothing to game analysis and instead brainstorm climber ideas. During this however we came to an important question - is doing the traverse rung actually important or could you do with just the high rung? The importance of this is how likely you are to get a RP, but what actually was the difference?

It wasn’t before long we realized we can quantify this difference with simple, high school level probability. Thus, this calculator was born.

This is the full calculation along with results for the Israel district. For us, it seems doing the Traverse rung raises the odds of a RP from 83% to 97% in any given match. The way i calculated this is by estimating the probability of every team climbing to any rung or not at all. Since Israel is a small district and i happen to be familiar with all the teams i simply guessed what each team would do and calculated probabilities from that (i am not publishing that part of the spreadsheet so as to not offend any teams i might have underestimated). For bigger districts or regions you can simply estimate. Obviously, this makes it all educated guesswork, but it should still give a more accurate view of whether doing the Traverse is really important in your region or if you could do with just the high rung.

isTraverseRungWorthIt.xlsx (14.8 KB)
This is the actual spreadsheet for anyone interested.


I was doing the same thing earlier today, my only thought is - do we need the two higher bars to be competitive in playoffs?

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This is a cool idea. Did you factor climber reliability into your model? If so, what assumptions did you make?

Or did you go with “if they have it it will work”?


Pretty much yeah

So, just a question, and I HAVE NOT FULLY READ THE MANUAL YET, but, in Section 6.4.1:

6.4.1 Point Values

A ROBOT may only earn points for a single RUNG. To qualify for HANGAR points from a given RUNG, a ROBOT may only be contacting:
• RUNG(S) at that level or higher (i.e. the level is determined by the lowest RUNG with which a ROBOT is in contact),
• truss structure,
• guardrails, and/or
another ROBOT qualified for any HANGAR points.

Will we see robots equipped to be able to have two other robots hang from it? That would maximize the endgame points, with the bonus. Am I making an incorrect interpretation here?

ETA: Yes, I found it. G209.

G209 Don’t climb on each other. A ROBOT may not be fully supported by a partner ROBOT.
Violation: TECH FOUL. If violation occurs while either ROBOT is in contact with their HANGAR, neither ROBOT is eligible for HANGAR points.

theres another rule, forget the number and too lazy to search, i just woke up, but it says you cant hang from another robot including alliance partners

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The traverse bar is worth it. So is being able to get 4 Cargo in by yourself in auto, and get another 18 in by yourself in teleop.

Of course, being worth it, and being possible for your team, are not always the same thing…they’re pretty hefty challenges. Each team has to decide whether they’re more likely to be able to accomplish lesser tasks, vs. being all in on the most difficult ones, and most likely failing completely.


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