The Journey to Districts

Team 3339 and the other Israeli teams first ever competed in districts this year.
Most of Israeli teams used to compete in one competition per season - the Israeli regional and sometimes in two competitions if your team qualified to the championship. This year 65 Israeli FRC teams competed in 2 or more events. 45 competed in 3 (2 districts+DCMP) or more events and hopefully a record number of 18 Israeli teams will be competing in 4 official events (2 districts+DCMP+Houston CMP).
Over the years Chief Delphi was stuffed with threads and comments about how effective is the District’s system over regionals.
Team 3339 Journey began in week 1.5 with ISR District Event 2# in The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology). The venue was very small, every team was limited to 10-12 students on the bleachers.
Our team’s robot was not prepared for this event. We ended up in the quarter finals.
After the event we decided that the Climbing and Gear systems should be replaced.
In week 2.5 we came to ISR District Event 4# in Tel-Aviv with brand new Climbing and Gear systems. The results were better but not enough. In this event we started to feel the difference between regionals to districts. It was a small events with 27 teams. We were going on and of the field every 2-4 matches which was not enough time to recover, fixing problems and improving. The team won for the first time ever the Chairman’s award in event 4#.
Our new climber was good but the gear system was far from good so we built a 3rd system to the Israeli DCMP.
Israel District Championship was very competitive. All the teams were skilled. Every alliance of the 8 alliances could have won the competition. We were invited by team 1574 to alliance 2 and made the current world high score match with 527 points in the semi finals. Eventually we lost to alliance 8 in the finals. The team also won the DCMP Chairman’s award.
To sum it up, districts helped all the teams to improve and to achieve better results. It was more expensive and required a lot of time, but I think most teams handled it well.