The Kamen Brothers

Sorry for the very pointless thread, but for some reason I felt like finding out more info. I know Dean and his brother Bart are very common in the FIRST world. However, isn’t there a third Kamen Brother? If yes, would his name happen to be Michael?

i dunno the other brother, but i have Bart Kamen’s business card:cool:

His name is Mitch and I believe he is a music teacher. Jack Kamen (Dean’s father) mentioned in a local NPR interview that Mitch has a twin sister. Her name is Terry I think.

Four siblings in all. But, who you really want to meet is Evelyn Kamen, their mother. She is the nicest, most wonderful woman I’ve ever met. If I didn’t already have a religion I was devoted to, I’d make her my godess and worship her. She’s soooooo awesome!

yep, thats right, mitch is a music teacher…and at my school. hehe. he teaches at sachem north, and he’s an amazily guy, can play any instrument. i mean, he did last year, (won’t get into it)

Hmmm… ok, thanks. That is really cool that he teaches at your school! Does he ever help out or get involved with your team? (Sorry* I’m a dork!)

Well, whomever Michael Kamen may be… is also a music oriented person. I studied him briefly last year in band in a Robin Hood (movie) piece I did. Then he appeared again recently with a musical oriented part of the movie Mr. Hollands Opus.

i know bart and dean. neva new dean hada sister or another brother.

Bart and Mitch were at the LI Regional. So, I got to talk to them both a bit. They’re cool people. When Mitch told me now teaches at my old high school, we talked a lot about the teachers there. He just started there last year. The Kamen brothers are definitely pretty interesting.