The Kool Squad is Back

ya see we got deez guys from Joisey who will execute deez hits on ANYBODY in the Atlanta competition.

All we need is

  1. a name

  2. their team number and division

  3. your name

  4. a picture you post here in CD with your request.

You wanna have us blast somebody. You got it. Badda bing!

Cool Squad- aiming for you- vsm.jpg

Cool Squad- aiming for you- vsm.jpg

Let me get this straight – people can request to have other people shot with air-zookas?

but of course. it was a big hit (no pun intended) at last year’s comp. and our Kool Squad is ready to roll again this year!

I’ll make sure to pack my own air-zooka… for protection, of course.

Now where were those plans for an air-witzer…

Youze guys still got youze callin cards (buttons) n da papers (contracts) to go wit da hits dis year?
I gots em when I gots wat twas comin to me last year if u know wat I mean.

(Wow my Spell Check just exploded :ahh: )

You mean someone put a hit out on me!??! :ahh:

I had a hit 2 hits on me last year I think, and then at the hotel there was a drive by, or run by, and I got hit there to.

You know this could end up being an interrsting fundraising idea…

no- just a FUN raising idea


PS- I put the hit on you last year- a fellow herper.

Hey Wayne, are we allowed to put out a contract to have someone from 25 take a hit? :wink:

jess, anyone’s allowed to have a hit put on them.

Awesome… time to fill out some info…

Also include a reason[a stupid one, please] when you send us an email about the contract.

Hey, i’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but the last post said “when you email us” but there is no email address stated anywhere. Do we post the requests on CD, or email, or whatever? Thanks, and this is an awesome idea!

Can we request the Kool Sqaud to hit each other?
Or do they do that anyways?

They do that wayyy too many times.

I can only wonder what kind of madness would ensue if somebody put out a hit on Dean, Woodie, Dave, Paul or someone else who’s important in FIRST.

You guys might want to rethink that “anybody” in the original post…unless you’d actually do it, of course. :wink:

Darn those spelling errors…

How do you know that Dave, Woody and Dean wouldn’t put a hit out on YOU ?..

We got Dave last year- twice.

How do you know that Dave, Woody and Dean wouldn’t put a hit out on YOU ?..

Uh oh! :ahh:

Yeah! And we want some of those shop faeries if you have a few extra… (but I am still going to get you for the “dave in a bikini” caption! )