The Kool Squad is Back

I am putting a hit on:John V-Nuen


My Name :Big Mike/Amanda Morrison

Pic: check his who am i pic

Reason: Cause its all just a game :wink:

So we can post our hits here right? If so, I need a hit on Marc Rogers. Here is his picture:

[left]Name: Marc Rogers

He is a mentor on team 987 in the Newton Divison.

My name: Stephen McKinney

A reason? He will never expect it, I want to see his reaction. :slight_smile:

Name: Robin-Ann Klotsky
Team/Division: 1089 Galileo
My Name : Sara-Ellen Reffler
Pic: Okay, I think that EVERYONE on 25 knows what my mom looks like, so I’m not including one. Just ask me, and I’ll point her out if you’re not sure XD
Reason: “because I’m too lazy to do my own dirty work ~_^”

Bring it on! :wink:

I think Amanda might be abusing her mod powers just a bit…but even saying this much might lead to me being added to her list. Not that I can’t take it, of course.

Can we set up hits AT the venue?

Name: Bharat Nain & Corey Balint

Team Number: Team 25

Division: Galileo

My name: Arefin Bari

a picture you post here in CD with your request: You guys see these two every day. But just incase you forget how they look like, Bharat Nain and Corey Balint is their User name for chiefdelphi.

We love you too Arefin

Ken Brody
I am putting a hit on: Ken Brody

Team/Division: 88/Galileo

My Name :Pin Man

Reason: Its time to wake up

Name: Kathie Kentfield - Click for picture

Team: RAGE 173 / Archimedes

My Name: Jeff Rodriguez

Reason: Not putting her picture on

:smiley: That’s right, I did. :smiley:

Put a hit on my dad —

Name: Joe Johnson

Team: Judge in Curie Division - but you may find him in the pits too…

My name: Sarah Johnson

A picture: under his user name

Reason: because he might do something spontaneous/crazy/weirdo when you hit him :stuck_out_tongue:

…I hope I get to see it!!!

I have another one for my favorite little munchkin…

Name: Lisa Perez

Team: 573/Archimedes

picture: under her user name

Reason: in case shes over caffine-ified… which she will be… you need to take her out ! hehe.

Pssh. Amanda and I were 100% successful in avoiding our hits last year.
Are last years failed attempted still valid? Should we be worried?

  1. Mr. Schenk

  2. 1126 Curie

  3. Cormier


I’m not even sure if he’ll be at the event or not, but here’s hoping he is…

Name: Dan Swando
Team: 217 (Archimedes), although he could be volunteering
My name: Paul
Reason: Some of us are still a bit bitter about the IRI talent show last year and a certain person who insulted the Steel Armadilloes. :wink:

Besides…I don’t see his brother in school anymore. I’ve got to have fun with one of the Swandoes, after all.

  1. a name Lisa Perez

  2. their team number and division 573 archimedes

  3. your name Bill Hancock

    She will start lafing so hard justthat alone will be funny

Hit’s Name:Adrienne Emerson


My Name:JT


Reason: I really want to see what 229’s fearless team leader will do when she gets air blasted. :smiley:

The Dead Man Walking: Mohsin Khan

Team: 772, Newton Division

My Name: Andrew Neilson

Reason: As you can see here, he is a KHANMAN!!! One day he peacefully falls asleep while watching TV, the next he’s an assassin for GM Canada.

(if you do it on Friday or Saturday when we are wearing our team shirts, look for the one that says Khanman on the back… he is also our human player)

Name: D.J. Fluck

Team: 1646, Boiler Precision Guessworks, Curie

My name: Lisa Perez



Asiansweetie7: does that mean i get hit twice? lol
DJ: yes
DJ: i wonder if i have any hits
DJ: i hope not

… P.S. Sarah and Bill, I’m gonna get you both

Victim’s Name: Arefin Bari

Team & Division: 108 Curie

My name: Eugenia Gabrielov

Pic: See his W A I

Why? Cause he’s a fairy

Names: Jeff Waegelin and James Dowd

Team and division: 830, Archimedes

My name: Lisa Perez

Pic: Jeff’s, see his user pic; James’, see my user pic

Why? A little air-zooka love for the fellow Wolverines :stuck_out_tongue:

Victim’s Name: Paul Morrison (The Paco)

Team & Division: 48 Archimedes

My name: Travis Hoffman

(The kid on the left - Don’t let the red 1114 shirt fool you!)

Why? Cause he’s a dork.

Victim’s Name: Karthik Kanagasabapathy

Team & Division: 1114 Archimedes

My name: Travis Hoffman

Pic: This should do nicely.

Why? Uh, do I need a reason? It’s Karthik. If he’s man enough to be wearing one in Atlanta, aim for the kilt (think Marilyn Monroe’s dress over a heater grate, only much more disturbing). Don’t use more than one airzooka though; otherwise, you’ll probably blow him over and break his bones in five places.

Victim’s Name: Steve Warren

Team & Division: 188 - Curie (?) Announcer

My name: Travis Hoffman

Pic: Look for the guy who looks like a “toucan that sniffed too much glue”

Why? I want to see if an airzooka can budge his hair from its cemented-in position.

I’ve got to get in on this one, even though Genia is already on it…

Arefin Bari, 108, Curie. Picture’s on the profile.

Why, you ask? Let’s just say it’s a dish best served cold. :wink:

–William J. Leverette, Jr.