The Krispy Kreme Appreciation Thread

Here is where we shall come to discuss how the wonders of KK has touched our lives and sticked our fingers. I don’t know about you city folk, but there aren’t any offical KK stores around here, although we can pick them up in any grocery store. The pancreas-pounding sugar content has kept me working many a night. A salute to thee, thy pastry confection. May you not be stale, and may your glaze shine as a beacon to the new day.

KK’s from the store?!?!?! I’ve heard of such a thing, however I urge you to get to the nearest KK shop and indulge in fresh hot donuts. Even if you have to drive a few hours, you’ll be happy you planned your Saturday around it. And don’t be surprised when you come back with a few extra dozen!

mmmm forbidden donut…DOH!!!

We’re doing some fundraising with KK. Selling donuts at a dollar each or $8/dozen. Although it’s not in the city, the store is in the Greater Toronto Area, within an hour’s drive. Last year one of the other clubs at our school racked up about $1000 CDN in profits, one of the reason’s why we’re doing it right now.

This thread has ‘Dave Lavery’ written all over it.

*Originally posted by Amanda Morrison *
**This thread has ‘Dave Lavery’ written all over it. **

I was going to say that, myself… where are you, Dave?

I once dropped a piece of icing on my shirt and when I looked down to brush it off my shirt, I saw a Quarter! That’s as exciting as my donut adventures get…I’m more of a pie guy.

A KK opened a while back nearby down in Clarks Summit, PA. They now distribute them around NEPA, and the stores back home carry them. But I do agree, that it just isn’t the same unless you go to the KK shop!

My recent donut adventure - kidnaping KK’s, and having them travel over 400 miles to New Hampshire with me in trade off for slurpees!.. and, well, there has been some other adventures before too!:wink:

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**I was going to say that, myself… where are you, Dave? **

He probably saw this thread and had to go eat KKs just because they were mentioned, recurring cravings…everytime he looks at this thread.

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**I was going to say that, myself… where are you, Dave? **

I’ll ask him in 40 minutes.

To bad I won’t have fresh Krispy Kreme’s to get his poetic juices flowing…


::tosses Wetzel a Dunkin’ Donut::

Use that. It’s better anyway.

::flies away very quickly::

looks out the window watch out Eddie its the Lavery Signal
defender of truth juctice and the Krispy Kreme way

The signal has been made.

Lavery is on the case.


See Eddie.
See Eddie Flee.
Flee Eddie Flee.


Look! It’s a bird, it’s a Mars Rover! It’s, it’s… SuperDave!

Will he be in time to stop the Evil-Eddie from polluting the world with Dunkin Donuts? Find out next week in the continuing adventures of SuperDave…


sort of maybe unrepentant

Eh, the hell with it. STAND BACK!

::sends 75 MPH winds Wetzel’s way::

::sends 75 MPH winds to the nearest KK::

::protects himself with 75 MPH winds::

Let’s see, we have a Krispy Kreme lovin’ superhero who’s secret identity is a Krispy Kreme lovin’ NASA engineer, and a Krispy Kreme hatin’ superhero (who loooks great in green) who’s secret identity is a Krispy Kreme hatin’ crazed FIRSTer (who also looks good in green). Who will win? Nobody knows…

Reminds me of all those cruddy Batman vs. Superman crossovers. At least this will be exciting. Watch as Superdave uses his Krisy Kreme flinging powers. Watch as Hurricane Eddie uses his telekinesis to deliver Dunkin’ Donuts (and high speed winds).

our band did a KK fundraiser. it ended up that we had about 1000 dozen donuts in our band room. its a really good way to get money quick. i recomend this FUNdraiser , as they call it, to any robotics team. our band made about $3k. and it only took about one month. THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO GET MONEY!!!

go here for more details

The very last thing Eddie McD sees when he comes between Dave and his Krispy Kremes -

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**The very last thing Eddie McD sees when he comes between Dave and his Krispy Kremes - **

::flings a Dunkin Donut in Dave’s general direction::

I’ll have more pictures tomorrow.

::flies off::

we should make an actual comic out of that. it would have good-like* qualities.

*i went to a grammar competition once. I losed.