The last build days for OCCRA

Hello All,
We hope all OCCRA teams are doing well.
We have found that this years game is the most challenging by far. We have so many ideas and projects its hard to pick just a few. There are many parts to this game and if you try to do them all you will find yourself overweight and out of time. We have worked hard during this build season and hope that we have built a robust machine. We are not finished yet, but we think we can at least play the game.
How is everyone else doing? We have not seen any posts for awhile and are curious.
We have posted a couple of pictures of our robot. They are just peeks as we still have much to do. Does anyone have any sneak-peeks of their robots?
Have fun all and we will see you at the first OCCRA competition

OTCNW Team#27
We uploaded the pictures in the OCCRA gallery, it is part of the off-season category

All I can really say is I miss out FIRST shop at DCX! We have a bandsaw that doesn’t cut close to straight and a bench grinder. BUT…we are getting there! We have driven it around and are progressing on “other elements”

Is there any news on out window lift motors, 10" pistons, accumulator tanks, check valve, pump, operator interface, and radios? Also, do we get a battery lead (I don’t know the correct term)? I think Jordan sent a full list of what we don’t have. Will we have this by our first competition?

We do have a pump, check valve, OI, and battery from out FIRST team right now, and I guess he’s giving us some radios.

Call OSTCNE on Monday: we can get you anything you need (but some of it will have to be used as not all materials have arrived yet!)