The last year of FIRST.

News has just came out from FIRST headquarters that this will be the last year of first for a few years while they try to fix some things. They wanted this game to look cool and go out with a bang. They feel like they inspired every kid to join a STEM profession and there’s no more left to inspire. It’s been a very difficult decision and the FIRST employees would like to thank everyone who participated, and all the volunteers. And if you are still believing this up to here, I’ll just slide in April fools. To end this rambling on at this point just to hid the fact that this is not real, I’m just going to keep typing randomly until I deem appropriate. This seems nice right here. No here. Ok here. Good day and I hope you had a good laugh.


Sorry, too big to be believed. You need to take it down about two notches. Did you know there are still a few people who believe the one about two championships?

Well guys, it’s been fun!

Time to start a Battle Bots team.

Man, some people will fall for anything.

Oh thank god! I can finally reconnect with my family. I’ve heard the kids are all grown and have moved out of the house.

A replay of Aerial Assist already?

:ahh: Wait hold on… that was an April fools joke? How… wha… why… EVERYTHING IS A LIE!

Hey I’m not gonna complain if we do

Unfortunately not. Dual CMPs is not (as far as I am aware) a hoax.

Definitely real.