The League of Legends Thread

4 other teammates and I (25% of our team) play LoL together almost every day after school/robotics. Surely there are some other FRC summoners out there! :smiley: So if youre as obsessed as we are, lets talk!

What do you play? WHO do you play? etc

I’m currently 1200 elo (though I’m gonna work a lot on that with the new ranked system!) but I also play with friends 1700-2100 elo. I main the jungle and my favorite champion, hands-down, no contest, is the almighty TRUNDLE. Love him.
I also jungle Sejuani, Vi, Shaco, Maokai, Tryndamere, Jarvan IV, Fizz, Twitch, Eve, Kha’Zix, and Kayle. (in that order of importance)

Summoner Name is “Anymeese” if you want to play some games ^^

Schweet; fellow Leaguers! Feel free to add me if you want to play some games; name’s KRDemoZ. Right now I’m hovering around 950 ELO; due to 7 games of leavers/AFKers in a row. Last season I was Silver ELO; have the banner to prove it.

Strangely enough; about 25% of our team plays League too.

thats awesome :smiley: The other guys just gave me a great idea: an FRC-LoL tournament. Would yall perhaps be interested? You could have more than one LoL team per FRC team (someone can be on multiple teams if need be), and we could set the tournament during the period between build-season and regionals

I have no elo as I am relatively new to the game and have a summoner level of only 23. :frowning:

My favorite champs are (in no particular order)
Xerath (mid), Akali (Top), Talon(Top or bot, doesn’t matter to me) , Irelia (my TT champ).

I’d definitely be interested; But would the teams be limited to only people on your FRC team or could you join a different FRC teams team?

Dont worry about being a newer player :slight_smile: One of the guys on our FRC team is only summoner lvl 21, and he’s been using exp boosts the whole way lol. If we get enough replies to this thread I’ll try to organize something, but I’ll make sure it wont matter how new you are to the game!

That’s a good question… What do yall think?

What about us dota players? :C

WoW (pun intended), try a real game and give Eve Online a try :wink:

Otocinclus on eve, Ge3k0 on steam, give me a shout sometime.

I played WoW on and off since BC’s release and finally… FINALLY stopped for good back in later 4.2. Never again.

My handle is sznichi. Mid is fun!

When I get home today I’ll add everyone here who posts their summoner name. Maybe we can play some games :slight_smile:

also: IronSytlus made my day today. He (and Riot Ashley) replied to a thread I posted talking about the game industry, not LoL specifically

I have several teammates (about six-seven, maybe more), including myself who play LoL. My summoner name is JazRO.

I main anything but ADC (and sometimes jungle), and my favorite champions are Lee Sin, Cho’Gath, Olaf, Galio, Volibear, Lulu, Leona, and Shen.

I’ll add you tomorrow. Just logged for the night

Also: JUNGLE MISS FORTUNE. It works, people. First time playing her (since she’s free this week) and I went 10/7/11 with about half my deaths being easily avoidable (you know how it is when youre with friends in skype and youre up by 20+ kills). Even have the replay. This is glorious…

On the note of LoL, does anybody else find Thresh’s log-in screen music to be a little bit disturbing?

Also, I might give my screen name tomorrow, but I have too much homework/robotics to do tonioght and do not want to be distracted by LoL (an easy thing to do :smiley: ).

Im apparently the only person that doesnt find Thresh’s login music as good as others. Though I am very glad that the music guy (think his name is Krepo?) is doing more with lyrics :slight_smile: The diana music was cool and the vi music… I play it on loop every time i play Vi >.> It’s so catchy…

But after playing vs a GOOD thresh player, i like him a lot more than when I played him on PBE

I love League, right now I only play causally so I am only like level 25 but when I do play watch out for my Forsaken Olaf. :smiley: Feel free to add, USSMISSOURI

I don’t think Krepo is the music guy, Krepo is the support player for The Team Previously Known As CLG.EU :stuck_out_tongue:

oh whatever then! I don’t follow the esports all THAT much, but I back the team Pulse eSports :smiley: My friend is friends with them, so I’ve managed to play with 2 or 3 of them in normal queue and as a ranked 5s. Playing with 2k+ elo players is a really cool experience!

This is pretty cool! I just reached 30 as of Wednesday so I haven’t had a chance to play any ranked games. On Team Titanium we have about 14 of our 30-35 kids that play and growing! When we started this season we only had 5 or 6. I main Ezreal/Varus and play ADC, I also play some mid with Ziggs or Ahri, and Solo Top with Pantheon or Teemo. Feel Free to add me if you want to talk LOL, hangout, or play a game: JustMySkills, PM me with what team you are from so I know your from FIRST.