The Legendary Arrows Thread!

Alright, so I stole this from another board.

Basically, the general format is this:

^ something about the last poster
< something about yourself
V something about the next poster.

I’ll start, sans the last poster (since there wasn’t one):

< Has never driven a robot drunk. (I’ve never done anything drunk, for that matter, since I’ve never been drunk.)
V Is (or has been) on an odd-numbered team.

^Was in a razor scooter race once for a radio station.
< Enjoys long walks on the beach :confused:
V Has been on an even numbered team


^ now is a sophmore
<wants to drive the robot…
V has been the driver / operator every year on the team

^i s the omni guy
< misses all the faces
v is a great college mentor

^ looks like he does it all
< Retiring from FIRST from a team standpoint for now
V going to IRI

^ is “the role model”
< can’t wait 'til IRI!!!
V has met me in person :wink:

^ has been to my house
< is trying to find his ref hat for IRI
V is good at kareoke

Andy B.

^ wants to do questionable things on TV.
< must find and destroy that old tape from karaoke.
V wants to visit Alaska one day.

^ is on Epsilon Delta
< still has yellow Juggernaut streaks in her black hair
V has been on three teams

^my elbow goes to her if i meet her…
<bored senceless
V has no idea how bored i am

^ bored senseless
< wants a cookie
v Is a mentor

^ is on a team that had a really cool trailer/RV/camper thingee at the Peachtree regional their first year

< has been to all the continents that start with “A” except Africa

V uses a Macintosh

^ Knows to much
< knows too little
V always the last to know

^beat me to saying this about dave- “was totally correct and I quote him in my signature”

<is an australian citizen

V is thinking of how this is like the person above me and below me threads combined.

^ joined the revival of this thread
< started this thread
V will continue the revival of this thread

^knows i like game threads
<wants more ff leagues to go on this year
v won atleast one ff league this year

^Was the hardest working person at championships this year
<Will use trophy and a dollar to get a cup of coffee
/ Had the most fun ever in the ATL

^knows ill keep this thread ALIVE.
<yawns I’m tiered
V gonna do robotics next year

^should goto sleep
< has to work at 10am tommorw
V should goto the Masterchief vs. Boba Fett Thread to see how much of a nerd i am

^ should know I don’t have to go to any thread to know he’s a nerd :wink:
< is a self-confessed geek, bordering on nerd-dom
V listens to NER*D