The Long Shot

What do people think will be the percentage of teams able to make reliable (call it 60%+ accurate) shots from behind the Control Panel?

I see the value in a lob-bot just chucking power cells forward from way back, but I don’t think any but the top 0.1% (if that) will pull off this shot. It’s way, WAY harder than Ultimate Ascent’s full court shot—in addition to the right speed and vertical angle, your horizontal accuracy has to be no more than 1.5 degrees at that distance, and you’ve got to get the spin right to avoid bouncing it right out of the goal. Neither of the latter two were nearly so restrictive in UA, which also used a rigid object rather than a squishy ball.

Am I way off, here? Or do you think it’ll be extremely rare as well?


Best case scenario, you make the shot. If you miss, the bots below the goals get balls. I see it as a win-win so there will probably be a few teams using that strat.


When you say

do you mean the side that is closest to your alliance station? If so, MY TAKE is it is going to be lower than the percentage of shots that are from in front of the control panel.

I do expect teams to shoot from within the trench. And i expect many of those teams to be at both the regionals that we are going to.

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That really didn’t answer my question. I have no doubt that there will be teams throwing from back yonder, and that combined with a clean-up bot this is likely sound strategy; my question is, “what percentage of teams do you think will actually be making the majority of their shots from back yonder?”

I mean the “long shot” on the far side of the trench from your power station.

Right here?


Considering anyone with a high goal shooter could attempt this, I’d say it is a sound idea. However, given the possibility of defense bots ramming into you, it’d be difficult to pull off when playing against competent defense. Predicting the percentage of teams would be impossible, because it varies match by match. It’s like asking “what percentage of teams will fill up 1 side of a rocket when the space between the rocket and cargo ship is blocked”. Well, its case by case.

This area is protected and safe from ramming.


Safe from ramming?
Count on it happening.
Take the 15 points, then makes the shots anyway. Might just be a 30 point play… if you can pull it off.


Touche, but I’ll gladly take the penalty points.

going to and from is not, though.

Trench Penalties Simplified


You have to go “to and from” the entire match. The best way to get around defense is multiple scoring options.

Defending two chokepoints is much much more difficult than defending one. This is a big reason many teams are opting to go under the trench. A high robot that can shoot from behind the trench manages to capture a bit of the advantage that a trench capable robot has. With a significantly less arduous design tradeoff.

.3% 12ish teams will be able to pull it off. That is my optimistic guess. And we won’t be one of these.

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We are talking about shooting from the trench. A tank drive bot can sit on the corner, right outside the zone and move back and forth to deny entry. It would be easy for a competent defense team.

A robot that can shoot from the trench, can also be made to shoot from the initiation line. Or, even easier, the other side if the trench. Based on what I’ve seen, it’s “simply” a matter of increasing the RPM

Now that defense robot has to stop multiple different scoring options/angles. Sure, it will still be able to play defense to a certain extent. But it would take an exceptional driver to “shut down” a robot that can score from close and far.

Again, it’s not an insignificant increase in complexity, with the imagined gain being this versatility helping get past defense.

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I bet you see 2-4 teams at any given event that are able to make that shot at a 60+% clip (into the Outer Port). The long shot is going to be a huge factor for a lot of high level teams.

Just like a great 3 point shooter in basketball, it forces the defense to extend out to defend the long shot. Great teams will force their opponents to defend their long shot and will use it to open up their other shots.


Theres an issue when shooting from the initiation line, and that is the fact a slight nudge will knock off the aim completely. An OK driver can shut down a robot entirely, just by blocking trench, the only safe long shot zone, or initiation line, stopping the flow of balls. It’d be fairly easy considering the choke points in the trench and both sides of the beam. Theoretically, a team could block all 3 for a whole match and cripple the opponent; although i dont know how well it could be executed.


Just about anyone who follows the NBA is at least familiar with the term “Steph Curry’s Gravity”

For those not in the know:

Steph Curry is a pro basketball player that is arguably the best three point shooter of all time. So good, in fact, that it is joked about (and often true) that he pulls a lot of defense when he gets the ball. Analysts have said that this is helpful to his teammates. Opening up more opportunities for his teammates to get into the paint and score a two pointer.

A long shot robot could theoretically act as a similar help. However, a trench capable robot, that shoots from the “close to goal” side of the roulette wheel has very similar, if not superior, utility in this sort of position.


With the combo of far initiation line shots and far trench run shots, I wonder if sight lines and distance affect the reaction time of the defender (they are on the complete opposite side) to allow the shooter to manuever into the trench with ease. Valid? Invalid?