The Long Shot

When HQ foresees game pieces running short, I expect they will make a point of enforcing game play rules that help prevent game piece damage. I also think teams should anticipate that inspectors will scrutinize all robot features that could damage game pieces.

Unless they plan on penalizing teams for running over balls, I’m not sure what they would do. It’s not like last year where it was instantly obvious when a team popped a ball. If it gets damaged while shooting, only the human player would notice when they grabbed it, and they’re more concerned with things other than logging ball damage per team.

We were asked by inspectors what we had on the underside of our robot, and we let them know that it was just rivet faces, zip tie loops, and a couple bolt/nuts and they seemed fine with it.

If having a perfectly smooth bottom is going to be required, then they need to give teams a heads up well before getting to an event.


See this thread. That request is already going out from event coordinators.

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That’s good. I hope it’s limited to robot inspections though, rather than calling fouls mid-match for ball damage.

I hope neither G26-F TECH FOULS nor their escalation to YELLOW CARDS become commonplace. However, the rule is the rule:

POWER CELLS are expected to undergo a reasonable amount of wear and tear as they
are handled by ROBOTS, such as scratching or marking. Gouging, tearing off pieces, or
routinely marking POWER CELLS are violations of this rule.

These balls find a way to get damaged. We added guards to our drive train before our event this weekend to avoid power cells getting near chains and wheels and a ball still managed to find it’s way through the gaps and get above one of our wheels.

(video of us removing it -


Yup we gave up on it about half way through too…

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We took a few long shots this weekend, tuning was not perfect to start off with but we were making a few on Saturday. By the time Sunday came the balls were not in good shape and I opted to not even attempt a long shot in playoffs. We’ll maybe try to tune to the best of our abilities with bad balls but it’s difficult.

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Yeah, these balls can fit through tiny gaps like an octopus. Up until recently, we were having balls get sucked into a 1/2 by 3 inch gap between our v-belt serializer and our throat.

Our long shot accuracy is close to 100% with balls in good condition. In bad condition, our short shot suffers unacceptably.

This game piece shortage might make the best robot we’ve ever built one of the shoddier ones we’ve played in recent years. Man, I hope not.


You mean like a rat! If there is a gap, it will find its way in there!

Allen’s team sure struggled to get that ball out. Man, I hope I never have to use wrenches and vise grips to extract a rat!


What I garnered from this thread is that having a catapult that launches the rats to Tom Brady who throws them in the inner goal is the most effective long shot method


What is the white side plate?

It was like watching your robot give birth to a PC… :zipper_mouth_face:

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I’m going to need some more context to answer this question. There are many things on our robot that could be considered “the white side plate”


For the drive train, where the ball got stuck

Our drive train side pods are two pieces made of 5052 Aluminum sheet metal that are laser cut and bent by our sponsor Solarcraft Inc. We didn’t paint the insides this year for a variety of reasons weight, time, tolerances, can’t see the inside while on the field.

How dare you mention Tom* Brady* in my thread!!! shakes fist


Shipyahd Tahm would be a better alliance partner; that guy has more experience slam-dunking rats. In the couch division.