The making of a large gear

That’s… actually fairly reasonable. Thanks!

Does each one weigh about a pound?

1.75 lbs each . We’ll be testing them out today. Fingers crossed!

The interface plate for the shooter to the gear/turret bearing was another fun one. Started life as a 1/2" plate, ended up mostly a 1/4" thick with some 3/8" bosses for attaching to the turret bearing. Used a Pierson Workholding SmartVac II to hold it down. Great solution for flat parts like this one.

Affectionately nicknamed the “cat ears”, you can probably guess why!

If you’ll be at the Central Mass District Event or the Arkansas Regional swing by and check it out in person!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s really cool. But why not just use a 1/4” plate with some 1/8” spacers instead of milling a quarter inch off the whole plate? Seems like it would save a lot of time


Same reason we used a wire EDM to make a 15" ring gear - because it’s cool, and because we can.

There’s plenty of other ways to achieve the same functionality as both of the parts described in this thread. But we have the capability to make neat things so we tend to lean in that direction, even if they’re more challenging or complicated to make.


Sounds about right.

(Pictured: Turret Gear for 195 2019 robot, cut on Wire EDM)


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