The MARtian: 2020 FMA Team Spotlights

The MARtian: 2020 FMA Team Spotlights

During these tough times associated with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, The MARtian would like to highlight the incredible accomplishments of all 133 FIRST Mid-Atlantic teams, even if they haven’t competed this season (yet!). Whether it be the reveal of your 2020 robot, your team’s recap of a specific past event (or even just a single match), or anything else outside of the box, The MARtian would be proud to share your achievements with the rest of the FRC community! Send in a submission at the form linked below, and The MARtian will highlight your team on an upcoming post on ChiefDelphi!

Submission Form:

The MARtian isn’t quite sure how this will turn out, so you are encouraged to submit any content you think other teams may be interested in. Some possibilities include:

  • Your team’s 2020 reveal video (like 834’s)
  • Your team’s recap of a past event (like 1923’s)
  • Your team’s outreach efforts (like 341’s)
  • A thank-you to other teams (like 1218’s)
  • Or anything else you may think of!

Above anything else, The MARtian’s goal is simply to feature the amazing successes of all our region’s teams, no matter how miniscule you think they may be. After all, in the dark days we are all currently living through, there’s nothing better to shine light upon than our very own FMA teams!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send The MARtian a PM. Again, The MARtian doesn’t know exactly how this will go, but there’s only one way to find out! Send in a submission for your team today!


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