The MARtian: Searching for Intelligent Life!

Ever wondered the true face behind the MARtian? Well too bad! But now you can be a MARtian, too!

The MARtian is looking for fellow MAR FMA enthusiasts to contribute to the weekly MARtian threads. Specifically, the MARtian is searching for the following:

Event Recaps: The recaps of each previous weeks’ competitions take the up the most time for each MARtian post. Starting in the 2019 season, The MARtian will be cutting back on the long event recaps, and will instead publish short paragraphs of only a few sentences detailing the competitions that occured the weekend prior. However, if any members of the MAR FMA community would like to contribute their own recap of an event, you can now send in your own to [email protected]. Feel free to provide as much detail as you’d like, but please keep all recaps unbiased and objective. Credit will be given to any support provided towards event recaps.

Predictions: While the MARtian won’t be stepping back from MARginally Accurate™ predictions anytime soon, the MARtian will be open to any community contributions to help highlight teams competing in the coming weekend’s events. This might include the “inside scoop” for additions or changes made to your bot, pictures/videos of your robot in action, or a detailed explanation of your robot’;s true capabilities. While the MARtian might choose to not include your contributions in the upcoming predictions, they may help the MARtian in deciding which teams are worth the mention! All contributions towards MARtian predictions will be kept strictly confidential. Again, all submissions can be sent to [email protected].

The MARtian will truly appreciate any support to help in the continued effort of publishing honest and meaningful content that the community deserves. If you have any questions, please either post them here, send a DM, or email the MARtian at [email protected]. The MARtian looks forward to seeing your submissions!


If you’re looking for intelligent life, you’ll need to look elsewhere


I gave a SETI talk to the team this summer. Or as I said, the Search for Extra-Tireless Innovators. I also set the SETI search parameters with coordinates pointing at the local youth hangouts, but questioned whether there is any intelligent life at those spots. Same can be said for here.

I guess @Howard_C is busy this year

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