The Media and "IT"

Posted by Jason “JDoggyDog” Trotter at 1/14/2001 12:06 PM EST

Student on team #191, X-CATS, from Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School.

Has anyone besides me noticed that all of the media sites covering the “IT” story, all have the same information, the same picture from the patent office, and the same references to Dean? I think the media is blowing this whole thing out of context. Sure, if Dean says it is going to revolutionize the world, I believe him, but the media is taking it a step too far. Personally I don’t think that that picture included wiht many of the articles is it. Why would Dean make the picture so accessible? The media needs to think before they publish an article that basically restates what five other web sites have said.

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Jason “JDoggyDog” Trotter