The mentor's tool box.

I had an unfortunate incident last Sunday. My car got broken into and my Robot Tool box got stolen. Fortunately these were stupid thieves and they left the Kinect, USB camera and Lidar unit I had sitting in the trunk. Since I had to replace everything, I thought I’d give you the list of what I take to every competition whether a mentor/ inspector etc.

I got most everything from Harbor Freight(HF) for under $100 - did need to pick up some other items from Orchard Supply(OSH).

Here’s my list:

Tool box
soldering iron
flux (have to get from Radio Shack)
solder wick "
hex keys metric/sae/torx (HF sells a set of three)
screwdrivers/bits/sockets - I get a set of security bits as well
crimps and crimp connector (Harbor Freight was crummy so I got this at OSH)
wire stripper
Electrical tape (colored)
pliers (needle nose) ( I got a set of 6 assorted and picked out three including a diagonal cutter)
multi-tool (Stanley from Osh $15) It’s replacing a $78 Leatherman
150 and 200mm adjustable wrenches
super glue

fuses/breakers < raid from last year’s robot
extra victor "
extra spike "
heat shrink tubing $1.50
extra wire in various sizes
nut/bolts/ pop rivets


Combo 13pc Drill Tap/die set OSH - $31 (Vermont American)
Extra safety glasses.

Depending on what I am doing - I may also have some specialty tool/parts sets for pneumatics, mechanics(chains/extrusions)

Total cost of everything was under $140. (I could of saved a little by recycling some older tools.)

Zip ties!

Helpful list, thanks.

Nice list.

Duct tape? Don’t leave home without it.

I would add a box/open end wrench set. I only use adjustable wrenches when I don’t have the right wrench.

I find that storing low-quality duct tape in the intense heat of my car results in an adhesive that’s runny and gross. I’ve started keeping this stuff instead.

I have 2 plastic toolboxes I carry and will take either one or both inside depending on what I need.

Added to what’s basically been mentioned is:

tape measure (16’)
Gear Wrenches (SAE) [Sears has these on sale for 1/2 price sometimes during different holidays]
Common taps/tap drills/center drill/counter sink
tap handle
step drill
combination square
1/2" Milwaukee Magnum Hole shooter drill (this takes up half of one of my toolboxes! This drill is an animal and handles 90% of the stuff I need a drill for. There are times when a smaller drill or battery powered is needed though)

10’ extension cord for above drill

Ahh, the joys of gaff tape.

There is no tape more prized and beloved by my team’s students and mentors. Expensive, but (provided you’re using is effectively) worth every penny.

As I work for a different division of the company that makes this, I can say that it’s pretty good too. Of course, nothing beats true Rigger’s Tape.