The mirror question

I saw this on a forum and I initially thought it was ridiculous but now I’m giving it more thought. Please share your thoughts.

What if your team in the crowd holds mirrors so you can see the field during the sandstorm?

I would think at that point you would be violating H10 No peeking. The text does specify that you may not look over the top of the barrier. I expect a clarification about any form of peeking (e.g. reflections in windows, views of non-drive team video screens, etc.)

My opinion only ask in Q&A


Even if it’s allowed (which it might be because it’s not electronic), the image will be so far, and shaky (not to mention mirrored) that you might as well just put a webcam on the robot. A bit more lag but probably a lot more usable.


Wouldn’t it just be easier to slap a camera on your bot?


I believe there is a rule against communicating with people outside of the driveer station area.

Related is the events which have good cameras displaying the field for the audience: at least here in the PNW they’re always there and they’re usually in easy view, at the very least for the coaches standing back.

Especially since I doubt the 4 refs will be actually watching the head positions of all 24 team members at the same time as the robots on field. I firmly believe we’re all honorable people in FRC, but this rule is easily broken and virtually unenforceable.


The only one I know of talks about wireless communication outside the ARENA:

“H5. Wireless devices not allowed. During a MATCH, DRIVE TEAMS may not use electronic devices
which have the capability of receiving communications from persons outside of the ARENA (e.g.
cell phones or wearable technology).”

Teams have used paper/signs to communicate things like how many gears were delivered by the opposing alliance.

I was thinking similar but I was assuming they’d do a “black out” of sorts and then play the video after the match…? Idk

I cant see that happening, for those in the stands and for those watching on the stream. The best hairbrained idea i got is that the sandstorm will extend above the Driver Station…

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If you’re gonna go to the length of someone trying to hold a mirror at a far distance, you’re making life way too hard on the drive team. Your drivers aren’t gods. With that said, it’ll be easier if you just use a camera.