The Missfits Summer Workshop Week

FRC Team 6418: The Missfits is hosting a free Summer Workshops week, starting Monday, August 10th, and lasting until Friday, August 14th. Each day, a different workshop will be presented by the members of our team in the following categories: Mechanics, Electronics, Software, and Design. The week’s schedule is as follows:

Date Time (PDT) Workshop
8/10 1pm Math of Mechanical Systems
8/11 11am Intro to Electrical Force, Field, and Potential
8/12 11am Python Basics
8/13 11am Intro to Electric Circuits
8/14 11am FRC Design

These workshops are open to all middle and high school students. If you would like to attend any of these events our team worked very hard on, please fill out the interest form below:

We hope to see you there!