The mission of FIRST

Posted by Jon.

Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Mass Academy of Math and Science and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Posted on 5/29/2000 7:24 PM MST

Hi everybody!

i am in the process of designing a project for my WPI degree requirements and the project must deal with the interaction of society and science. So… in a roundabout sort of way, i started work on one project and it didn’t work out and now i’ve returned to my FIRST ways… so, i am developing a new project and want to hear ideas from other people before i settle.

so the easy but not so easy question is: How do you fulfill the mission of FIRST? (whichever it is to you :slight_smile:

Posted by colleen.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Coach on team #246, a FIRST-aholic, from John D. O’Byrant High School/Boston Latin Academy and NSTAR/Boston University/UTC/Raytheon/MassPEP.

Posted on 5/29/2000 8:42 PM MST

In Reply to: The mission of FIRST posted by Jon on 5/29/2000 7:24 PM MST:

cause jon would kill me if i didn’t respond now…

ok - what i think (i know this is new to all of you…)…

to me- FIRST’s mission is to inspire kids to recognize and achieve in the world of science and technology… my mission as a ‘product’ of this dream is to help inspire students the way i was so lucky to have been during my 4 years of high school… it’s unfortunate that all students all over the world can’t have this opportunity… so i think it’s only fair that my mission be to open this to as many of them as possible…

and how i do that… in many ways… back in high school we did many demos at many schools and places for young students… we travelled as far as Puerto Rico to start new FIRST teams…

now as a college student and a mentor… i volunteered my time with the League Lego competition at the Boston Science Musuem (Mr. B, Ron and all the other Plymouth guys helped me have such a great time!)… as well, this summer I’m teaching a 2-week summer enrichment camp on space exploration that involves also learning the Lego Mindstorms kits…

on an older-FIRST level… I help mentor the team at BU and open opportunities up to those kids… I worked with FAIHM and sharingFIRST on projects over at MIT… and building off that and DYF developing ways to encourage more girls to get involved in science and technology… mainly, right now, I’ve helped start up BostonFIRST, an organization focused on bring teams together and sharing resources to help promote and encourage FIRST… as part of that and much part of my own personal work, I’m looking into contacting government officials to get them to have a better awareness as to the necessity of FIRST in changing the focus of students and the integral part it can play on education… anyone from the Massachusetts area knows the emphasis lately that has been placed on improving educational standards with the MCAS and Teacher-testing… i’m hoping that we can work with the mass. state legislature to get recognition to school’s that encourage the participation of such programs as FIRST that make a proven difference in the quality of education and quality of students in the school body (just look at the schools that have been completely turned around because of FIRST)…Within BostonFIRST, we’re going to look to recruit more FIRST teams and boom New England with science and technology prepared students…

basically, FIRST’s goal is to inspire, my goal is to help achieve their goal… with any and all effort it takes…

See ya at Battlecry Jon :slight_smile:

Posted by Andy Grady.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Coach on team #42, P.A.R.T.S, from Alvirne High School and Daniel Webster College.

Posted on 5/29/2000 9:34 PM MST

In Reply to: The mission of FIRST posted by Jon on 5/29/2000 7:24 PM MST:

Well the obvious mission of FIRST is to inspire students to explore the field of science and technology. How it can be done is up to the person doing the inspiring. Personally I gave all my extra time and effort up to help get a robot done so that the students at Alvirne High School could have something to be inspired with. Whether our robot was working or not was totally irrelevant, its the fact that we had something that we worked on as a team, and it was something to be proud of, win or lose. The results were amazing, not in our rankings or whatever, but instead in the reaction from the students. Everyone was proud to have had anything to do with our robot eventhough we never even broke the top 16 or got picked. To me, thats inspiration!
Good Luck Jon,
Andy Grady, DWC/Alvirne HS team 42