The MOCK KickOff on December 01 in Grand Rapids

We are happy to announce that more features have been added to the Code Red Robotics MOCK Kickoff on Saturday, December 01, 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In addition to the events listed below, team members and staff may elect to attend two informative workshops:

-CAD Modeling to Gain a 3D Perspective in Early Game Analysis
-Passing Robot Inspection, plus Bag and Tag Procedures

This free engineering event is for all FRC team members, coaches and Mentors!
We will present a game then breakout into small facilitated groups for hands-on:

Game Analysis
Strategy Development
Focused, Creative Thought
Problem Solving
Robot Design
Idea Presentation


Eberhard Center
GVSU Grand Rapids Campus
301 Fulton St W
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6430

Timeline for Saturday December 01, 2012
9:00 am Team check-in, settle in Teleconference room
9:30 am Introduce the game
10:00 am Breakout sessions
12:00 Noon Lunch - FREE PIZZA!
1:00 pm Present ideas
2:30 pm Head Home.

Last year, over 180 FIRST students and Mentors participated in this fun event! To register for this year’s MOCK KickOff, or if you have any questions, RSVP to by November 29, 2012.

Please indicate approximately how many from your team might attend.


The Code Red MOCK KickOff Commmittee

Note this is the 5th year and we have some exciting new workshops for example

The CAD Modeling workshop is geared more toward veteran students and mentors who would like see how 3D CAD can help make good engineering decisions and/or avoid some bad ones.

Too often teams are focused on making a CAD model of the solution (the robot). Very few teams recognize the importance of “modeling the problem” (field and game pieces) first…
This is a very special addition to the MOCK KickOff and covers how to generate a CAD mode to gain an accurate 3D perspective of the game. First and second year Rookies will gain more by attending the regular Breakout Sessions.
Part or the requirement to participate in this class will be at least 2 years of CAD experience.

We plan to have some flash drives preloaded with the fields for Inventor, Creo, Solidworks. That way people will not have to download the fields.

We have team of industry experts, a.k.a. Engineers, who are specialize in
Creo, AutoCad and SolidWorks to facilitate the workshop.

We have a Classroom with 32 computers loaded with Creo and SolidWorks if
they do not bring a computer with a load of the flavor of choice.

What the session will entail is downloading and using the 2012 full field
model, place up to 6 robot models on the field model and “play” the game.
Walking through the Hybrid mode the teleoperated mode and the finish.

As you can see this will be a very intense session and we want to develop
better appreciation of using CAD (any flavor) to PLAN the game strategy
before designing the robot. To ultimately solve the problem of know what you
want to build before designing the product.

This is a huge addition to the MOCK kick off and we will need

Head count of CAD Modeling attendees
Will they be bringing a computer or need one provided
CAD software preference.
Experience level 2 years or more

This is a very helpful event for everyone. New students get a chance to see what they are getting themselves into, and veterans get valuable experience with game analysis and brainstorming. Thank you 2771 for making it possible. See you Saturday!

Wayne, we are glad the Gears are coming down! Having accomplished teams in the mix help make the MOCK KickOff a strong event. We are definitely looking forward to the CAD modeling session that Mike is driving!

Will anything for this be online afterwards?
I have started giving similar presentations and am curious to see what others do.


What would you like, we would like to help. so far we have helped with 5 or more other mock kickoffs around the globe let us know


If you have PowerPoints of the breakout sessions that I could see, that would be great.

Otherwise, are you just giving them a game and then teaching how the team should/could analyze the game and plan their design in the breakout sessions?
Also, are you also having them come up with a robot concept or design for that game?

I would be interested in getting information like this as well. We were planning on attending the event on the 1st, but as it turns out the FLL event our team helps out with is on the same day. We were thinking about hosting our own, similar event for teams in our area the following weekend instead, so any information about how you run these mock kickoffs would be quite helpful.

A huge thanks to Code Red Robotics team 2771 for hosting and organizing this very successful event. It was a very well run event and I was proud to have been a part of it. I think this is a big help to teams and students. Keep up the good work.

Greg, it was great to have you out there. Having Mentors from area teams facilitate the breakout sessions and share what they’ve learned about the design process made the event very powerful.

Code Red will do it again next year and are looking for suggestions on what features to add that will further benefit teams.