The Monkeys Paw Of FRC


You make a wish and the next person to respond grants the wish - but with a twist worthy of the monkeys paw. In the response, the person also makes a wish for the next person to grant.

Please try to keep it frc/chief delphi related


Cake: I wish for my to go to worlds

Responder 1:

You are granted the last wild card and go as the 4th place alliance backup team

Wish: I wish for sponsors

wish granted: one of your mentors is a senator and sponsors a bill outlawing high school robotics.

I wish RAS automatically sent you to worlds.

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wish granted: but only in the district model

I wish we had more mentors.

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Wish granted: you have more mentors, but they are only available for 1 hour a day 1 day of the week

Wish: I wish I didn’t lose so much sleep over robotics

Wish granted, you lose all your sleep due to insomnia.

Wish: I wish we had more funds.


Wish granted: you have unlimited funds, but you can only spend it on crescendo notes and falcon 500 motors

Wish: I wish our robot could score in the trap


Wish granted: you can score in trap but you are perpetually over 4ft tall

I wish all members of my team were as dedicated as myself

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Wish Granted your dedication falls to near zero.

Wish: I wish for a fully equipped machine shop.


Wish granted: It’s fully equipped with donated tools from an Amish community that is going modern.

Wish: I wish our team could afford to do more travel events and students didnt have to pay for hotel rooms

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Wish granted, but your robot is broken down for the entirety of every match.

Wish: I wish to win our next district event.

Wish granted, bur you’re competing in a different district than your own, so no District Points.

Wish: I wish to meet Dean Kamen.

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Wish granted, you get to meet him at his execution

Wish: I wish to get another 1189 button

Wish granted: the front of the button falls off in the first minute of owning it so now you have a glorified saftey pin with no design

Wish: I wish for team A to win in the A vs B thread

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Wish granted, all of team B leaves and the game dies or comes to be another 1-100,000 by 5 thread

Wish: I wish to have a working clock so I know when the hour post time comes.

See above

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Wish granted, the clock only displays time relative to the last brownout of a robot anywhere in your time zone.

Wish: I wish for an FRC forum that combines the wisdom of ChiefDelphi, the memes of FRC Reddit, and the connectivity of FRC Discord

Wish granted: It exists but it combines the toxicity from all the 3 platforms

I wish my team makes the best robot in the world

Wish granted, it’s the best when it works, which is only .0000001% of the time.

Wish: I wish I could come up with a wish for this thread

Wish Granted: Wish Granted
Wish: I wish my team would qualify for worlds this year.

Wish granted: you qualify but cant go

I wish for every school to have an frc team