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:yikes: Do you know about the rule where humans can throw the ball over the wall in the last 30 seconds of a match?:yikes:

Here was a question asked in the Q&A about this (In Short):

I people were to make full court shots, would it count?

::rtm:: Here is the GDC’s answer…:smiley:

LOOK it UP if you don’t BELIEVE ME!!!:cool:

How Fun!!!.bmp (1.83 MB)

How Fun!!!.bmp (1.83 MB)

Looks like its time to kidnap some varsity basketball players…

We, Team 3490, already have one!!!:smiley:

How about

“teams will rarely score with their HP in the last 30 sec so it doesn’t matter”

Look how many HP’s scored in 2006 and that was a bigger target and it wasn’t parallel to the floor…

You could have a point there, but this season we are playing with regulation size 4 Basketballs and standard basketball rims…

If alliances can find people who can play basketball let alone shoot less-than-a-pound foam balls well, alliances could find success…

But let’s not forget your point, for ANYTHING could happen this year…

It will be fun watching the crowd’s reaction when that ball goes through once in a dozen matches.

I am thinking that we might look for a team handball player, quarterback or a javelin thrower instead. :slight_smile:

I like this because it allows alliances to have the robots ditch the baskets and go for the higher worth bridge points during the final 30 seconds. Rather than fighting over those last points to attempt to tip the balance, the robots would race to the bridges and have the humans attempt to tip the balance.

You are not going to be taking “basketball” type shots over 57 ft you will be throwing the balls over hand like a football or a javelin like the previous person mentioned. You will be lucky to see 1 ball go in per regional, thats qualifying and elimination matches.

What does s/he think with practicing these shots? Those I’ve talked to say there are so many differences from actual basketball (ball size and density, etc) that it’s less than helpful. This was also the case in 2006 and even 2009. If you can make them, more power to you. For the rest of us, I’m willing to bet that most big end game climaxes will come from (triple) robot balancing.

Edit: Mathking and Eric, good point. This actually seems more realistic (albeit as far as this goes)

Why do you say that throwing the balls over the alliance wall is cheating?

If each inbounder had 2 balls, and you had a miraculous human player/shooter person that always landed the balls in the top hoop, then you could gain your alliance up to 18 points of extra shots.

That would be pretty useful. :slight_smile:

I used to play basketball with him during our freshman year, and I would remember us attempting to make 1/2 or even 3/4 court shots. I of course couldn’t make it, for I wasn’t good with throwing with one hand, but I am sure he did…

But even with that, I would be so ready to hear the teams go “OOOOOHHHHH” over the triple robot balances!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is gonna be interesting… Good thing we have a basketball player.:cool:

I think there will be more than one or two made shots per regional, though that is dependent on how many shots humans take. One thing I think is that some teams with someone capable of making shots will commit a basic strategy error, and “save” balls for the human player that might otherwise get to a robot and shot with far more accuracy.

I am also amending my list to include soccer goal keepers. Who actually practice throwing (rather than shooting) a round ball a long distance. Mechanically, you will want a release point close to or above the wall. Which means that a tall basketball player will probably have an advantage.

My thoughts on the GDC making that decision were PRETTY ambivalent…

My fun part of my brain said:

“YESS, humans can SCORE, more points for US!!!”

My moral part of my brain said:

“Wouldn’t this be degrading the amazing spirit and intention of FIRST, where people could build ROBOTS to do people’s work, thus learning a technology and engineering mentality students can use in the future to assist the human race?”

I know it is very exciting to win, but what would teams learn if people in the future would have to create robots that would require human assistance?

Oh, wait, I might have just made another point there…:o

I’m not going to be surprised if we don’t see a bounce shot into a low goal this season. Technically the 2006 low goals were harder to hit because you had to get the ball to go the length of the field and then roll up the ramp. If you threw too hard it would bounce of the top of the goal, too soft and it wouldn’t have enough to roll up the ramp.

Never say never!

How will balls thrown after or right at the end of a match be handled? Scores aren’t calculated until 5 seconds after the end of match so there’s a possibility of a thrown ball sneaking in to the final score
Robots get disabled at the very second of the end of a match… inbounders don’t.

Obviously it appears it won’t have much effect considering most agree not many balls will be scored, but still. It only takes one match for this to happen and it decide a match for it to matter.
Penalty for throwing balls onto the field after the end of match buzzer? Tough judgement call.
I don’t know, what do you guys think?

It was also a penalty.

This Q&A answer wasn’t some magical surprise, it was explicitly allowed under rule G32 since Kickoff.