The most controversial teams

So my team, 7072, has had a lot of upsets in its career. For instance, 2018 when we won the rocket city regional but had to replay the finals match then lost. We also went to worlds last year and had a match where we were penalized nearly a hundred points, and even last week where we won the rocket city regional with some of the strangest finals matches I’ve seen. All this has made me curious if anyone else has any stories of when their team had some sort of controversy or upset.


Can Crossbows.


Maybe not controversial, since they were ultimately just a threat, never fired in anger. Certainly one of the most entertaining chapters of Einstein lore. Extreme cheesecake.


Iirc, more of a single person getting upset that no one was listening and desired to go VERY public vs a team action. But yes, that is a very big one.

Bring back tethered robots (/sarcasm)


We left the boys at home and we could have done more!


2011, we won the North Star Regional due to a double red card in finals 2 and a robot (ours) that then broke in auto during finals 3.

2014, we won the North Star Regional after one of our opponents knocked the polycarb off the gate and got stuck on it, and the FTA/Head Ref declined to call it a field fault (the rules around field faults have evolved significantly since then… and the field border was updated to prevent that from happening as well).

Orlando 2014

I still to this day have to explain that we were only informed of any issue on the number 1 seed after it was discovered independent of any member of the number 8 seed.

The number 1 seed was not given the option of “denying” the penalty we were told that the penalty was happening and to prepare for a replay. We then had to wait for quite a while before finding out we were moving directly on to the semifinals.

You would have thought most people would have forgotten this by now especially considering since then we have chosen all 3 members of the number 1 seed to team with us. But alas we still get asked about it.


This was one of the few times I went to champs and I was really hoping to see these on the field, but the threat of them was enough to make it a little extra spicy haha

My team wasn’t controversial but the match was

Finals 3 of Chezy Champs 2018

The match was reversed after about 2/3rds of the finalist and winner awards were handed out and the call for why it was a red card even though the game manual said yellow card confused everybody

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every playoff match we win is basically an upset, since we have less than 15 playoff wins in our career as a team and 0 banners (29 years)

but the biggest upset I can remember is in the 2014 district championship, we were the #8 seed and beat the #1 in playoff match 2 because of a failed auto from 195
we were also finalists at 2013 granite state as the #7 seed since we had one of the only robots who could climb to the top of the pyramid lol (also won EI at that event)

as for controversy i would say that at DCMP this year there was a missed yellow card where we got tipped over by another robot while our arm continued to move
it wouldn’t affect the match outcome, but i was kidna miffed that it was missed

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Im still salty about us losing in 2018
100 point win but replayed the match over a field fault that would’ve been a 10 point difference

We also had an issue in division playoffs at champs that year. #1 alliance should have had a red card and we should have moved on but we were basically told it was opinion of the refs the #1 alliance shouldn’t go out that way.
We were the only alliance to beat them in aNy individual match besides the eventual winning alliance on Einstein.


2007 Curie was very controversial. I was a freshman on 67 at the time and it’s been such a long time since then, and I’m still not sure whether talking about it on CD is productive at all. I’m just glad the GDC hasn’t released such a defense-heavy game since then.

Curie was considered the “stacked” division that year. Alliance selections were a scorcher because of the wonky seeding of a defensive game, and the resulting eliminations matches just went haywire.

The most controversial match was Semi 1-3, which had its own giant thread on CD. This is the match where our alliance partner pushed an opponent in such a way that their arm broke clean off. There are many claims made in the thread about our alliance partner’s intent and attitude. In addition, there was discussion about the refs seeming very unsympathetic to our opponent’s situation.

After an extremely controversial decision from the refs we advanced to the finals. We lost the first match and thought we won the second, but the entire match had to be replayed because the refs had forgotten to count one scored ringer that wouldn’t have changed the outcome. We lost the replayed Finals 2 and were eliminated.

The very deserving winning alliance of our stacked division ended up getting eliminated by red card on Einstein.


I recently learned about 2012 GTR East (reddit thread, of all places). I think that fits the bill. I obviously don’t condone the actions, but as someone who has participated in a region with a similar dynamic for the past 4-5 years (NYC), I certainly understand the frustrations of those participating teams, especially with no wildcards.


254 in California is often “controversial” and the best example I can think of is at 2008 SVR (the year after the sole time they’ve failed to win that regional), my senior year, when they should have lost the final match if the rules had been enforced as written, it was replayed after it was discovered that the refs had been calling one of the scoring rules wrong for the whole regional, and they won. The crowd was not happy.

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That involved a Hawaii team now numbered 1056 from Hilo, HI.

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How about Curie 2016?


I’d have to dig up the thread… or not.

Israel 2010. Apparently, it was a bit of a disaster between tech problems and people problems.


Wait what?

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  1. Einstein. Team 900 and 1114.
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