The most revealing teaser of any team yet!!! TEAM 41's UNIQUE BOT

Betcha can’t guess what this is:

Yes- you are seeing it right folks, there is no joke.

The base is essentially done now, im going to take another picture and maybe a vid when we test it out, and ill put it in a new thread… seems ppl wont use most of my poll questions :slight_smile:

Note-- this pic was taken on the first saturday after kickoff, the bot has progressed signifigantly since then and is capable of moving.

The base is very straight forward, thats what I like about it. I can surely say team 41 is looking good for their drive base. What kind of wheel are guys using? (i am curious)


we are using 8" diameter and about 3" wide pnumatic tires with treads. We jacked em from our 2003 robot if you can find a pic somewhere… its been scrapped so we dont have much.

The frame also now has 2 crossbars across the center widthwise, you can see the inserts in there.

Uh nice. You are going to have wheels right? I assume four of them all driven. For a minute I was totally spacing out and I was wondering if you were going to have just two wheels, and it seemed like your frame might get caught in the carpet if you didnt put some kind of rollers on it. Yeah, im getting sleepy.

That extruded aluminum gets really heavy and you should have gone with the aluminum chasis parts from the KOP to made the same exact frame with even a lower CG. But overall it looks nice, but maneuverability might be a problem if you’re planning on going in between the goals in the middle of the field to get to the other side of the field. And also placement of your arm because your robot is going to be shorter, it might tip over front or back. But if you actually have your arm going from side to side instead, then ya it is a nice chasis. But overall its a nice design and looks great and good luck on your robot.

nope, the bots done… its just a frame, a tranny and electronics… we will sit in every match.

nah, of course it has 4 wheels, all driven, and it handles beautifully. It turns exceptionally fast with no skipping or jittering, we even tried it with a person on top to simulate an arm, lol.

Yeah, I’m also concerned about tipping… but try and convince the rest of my team about that (even tho im the one who came up with a sideways alignment) however, I already have a lightweight solution to any tipping problems, assuming it works. Oh, and the aluminum frame alone weighs in at 14 lbs, so it isnt that bad.

New Image though it is somewhat small and compressed:

Feel free to enjoy the bag of chips.


Maybe you could share some thoughts about why the axis of acceleration is through the short dimension of the 'bot? I can see that it might be more maneuverable, but aren’t you worried about driving out from underneath your arm when a tetra’s loaded? We talked a lot about the inertia of the arm and what would happen under both a collision and acceleration.

Just wonderin’…

Yeah… we have plans to help us avoid falling, tho we may just accelerate very slowly :slight_smile:

But we have previously hopped whenever we turned, since we have a tank drive, and going thinner this year would make it even worse causing us to fall over sideways anyway. we will see what happens, and if it does work out we will be quite recognizable, as probably the only sideways bot.