The Mystery Machine

The Angelbots 1339 Practice robot for the 2015 Season.


Been waiting to see your final design after having shared some pictures with your team throughout build season. That plow should work well for you!

A very interesting design that is nicely implemented. How stable is carrying the RC by the bottom. We had a “plow” mechanism too but it fell victim to our weight loss program.

Surprisingly, the RC is held very firmly. It was one of the unexpected things that happened this build season. We kept the plow, even after we decided that we would add a fast two RC collector (not in the video) because we thought it might have additional applications beyond the original intent, which was to access the step.

Looks great! I’ve really been digging the elevators that carry the totes separately, and yours does that very well. I can’t wait to play with you guys next week in Utah :slight_smile: