The Myth of the Red Banner

In FRC, knowing what a blue banner is at this point is pretty much assumed.

However, not everyone may be aware that there is a yellow banner for the FTC Inspire Award.

However, I discovered in a photo from 2012 CMP Pits that there is a red banner.

Looking in the bottom right corner of this panorama gives this view:

I have never heard of a red banner before, and decided to check TBA. In 1999, 120 was awarded the “National Chairman’s Award”, but TBA lists it as a standard banner.

If anyone on 120 has seen the banner, and would be willing to take a (better) photo, I would be most appreciative.

EDIT: After further investigation, it appears it might not be an official banner. :frowning:

This is very interesting. However, looking at the banner, it looks like the logo on it is the 2005-2015 logo, which is not possible for a banner from 1999 Comparing it to the blue banner next to it, you can see the difference. Is it possible that this banner was created post 2005 by the team itself instead of FIRST?

I didn’t even realize that. I suppose so, but I had no idea a red banner would even be allowed to be produced (assuming they used the same company as FIRST)

Don’t use TBA’s banner listing as authoritative. For example, it lists Woodie Flower’s awards from pre-2015 as blue banners, even though no blue banner was given by FIRST.

I could have worded that better… They were listed as receiving the award for that timeframe. The “blue banner” on TBA is an afterthought and does not understand pre-banner times and operates on current rules for what qualifies for banners. At least, that’s how I understand it is implemented.

Teams could, however, order official blue banners for past WFFA and WFA awards.

And actually, with the rebranding they did in the middle of last year, the Inspire Award banners are now orange instead of yellow!

Would you look at that! Congratulations, by the way!