The Name game

The way to play the name game is:

You name a person that plays a sport (first and last name). The first letter of the persons name that you write has to began with the same letter of the last name of the person that was written before you

The people you name can be past or presents.

Topic: Sports

I’ll Start it:

Babe Ruth

Ronde Barber

Bo Jackson

::wonders if this is a little too close to the word association thread::

Jason Taylor

Tiger Woods

William Henderson

Hank Aaron

Allen Iverson

Isiah Thomas

Tom Coverdale

Carl Lewis

Landon Donovan

Dale Murphy

(my childhood hero!)

Michael Waltrip

Wilt Chamberlain (I hope I spelled that right)

Cal Ripkin Jr.

Roger Clemens (This coming from a Red Sox fan…)

Hideki Matsui (godzilla)

Mario Lemieux

Luc Robitaille