"The New Cool" book club guide

One of the ways we’ve been staying active with so much needing to be virtual right now is through book clubs. We decided a book club for “The New Cool” might be a cool history lesson for some students on our team, and couldn’t find a discussion guide, so we’re making one up as we go!

We obviously don’t talk about all the bullet points; a few of the mentors are reading ahead and just writing down bullets as possible discussion topics/things to encourage students to think about when they’re reading it. I plan on trying to keep this public version up to date as we go through the book at about 2 chapters a week.

Let us know if you start your own book club and use the guide!


Just posting to say this guide has now been updated through the end of the book if anyone wants to use it for their own book club. We spent most of July and August covering ~2 chapters a week. It was a great read, and fun to go back and discuss with students what was different about 2009 and now!


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