The New Cybersonics Website...

Hello everyone,
This saturday, I finally completed the new Cybersonics website. It isn’t done quite yet, and the opening page is temperary until I get more time this week to finish the nicer one. I’ll answer any questions you fellas might have about it and any comments or critisizm is greatly welcome as I’d like to get some final tweaks in before everyone begins to judge websites… I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten all the bugs out except for a few that show in Opera. Thanks for viewing.

      ~RJ Gilligan - webmaster team 103

Primus sucks.

I really like the flash menu, but could you change one thing? Could you make it so when you scroll off of the flash menu, the sub-menu stays extended?

Other than that… great! I’m glad we’re not going to any of the same regionals.

Yeah, that can be done… anyone else have ideas about that? should i lose the retraction aspect of the menu bar? thanks.

Sick! Tons or rollover eyecandy. If you’re the kind of person who likes lots of moving animations, this is great.

Well done! Only thing I’d like to see is for the navigation to retain its position in the subpages. Maybe pass on a parameter though the swf like nav.swf?jump=blah.

Yeah I might as well, that’s two replies on keeping the menu fixed. Thanks for the help, however there is a much easier way of doing that. The actionscript is in the frames of each mc already, and I just use an invisible button that denotes the right area for each menu. That is, when you mouseoff the menu, you mouseon the button that closes it. Luckily, I did it that way. Now I can just remove that button.

~RJ Gilligan - 103 webmaster