The new robot hauler is ready

As an involved mentor, I often get the opportunity to haul robots and tools and parts and stuff for the team. Over the years, I’ve used several different trucks to do this. This past summer, I finally finished building my 57 Chevy Suburban. It’s a great robot hauler, it’s roomy, has only a front seat, has rear doors instead of a tailgate, and gets sort of decent gas mileage. Drivetrain is a tired old 350, TH400 automatic transmission, and Ford 9" rearend with 2.75 gears. Creature comforts include heat, cruise, an amp/speakers, and not much else. And…it looks great!

I will have it at the kickoff event in Phoenix in a couple weeks, to haul the KOP home.

Shown in front of the movie production office for La Vida Robot, in Albuquerque this past October.

That is a thing of beauty!

+1 to that. Nice job. It’s a pity you couldn’t have something like that in NJ, it would rust to dust in just a few minutes…

Does it have seat belts? :rolleyes:

SWEET:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It has 3 point seat belts.

Man, I love it! I can’t wait till see it at the Phoenix regionals! I like the colour!!!

I did a double take when I read that it was going to a kickoff event, surely you wouldn’t drive that in January…then I remembered the whole Arizona thing. There are lots of guys with nice classics around here, but you only see them from May to September.

Really nice truck.

Fantastic set of wheels, Jim! Looking forward to seeing it here in Vegas.


No blower?

Very nice.

As I recall they are like an alternate universe inside for space. Can we get an interior shot?

Did you stick with the stock power plant?

Now that is a thing of beauty. I’d love to see a few more pictures of the interior & dash if you have them.

Nice Jim. Looking forward to another great season of building robots and community here on CD.

This is why the Forbes family is the coolest in first.

Thanks! The drivetrain is not stock, it originally had a 235 six cylinder, and 4 speed manual, which are now in my son’s 59 pickup.


Is that a 4th generation classic iPod I spy? Even more awesome now.

Nice! Love the old school Slot Mags.

I’m kind of surprised that as a FIRST mentor you aren’t using a MegaSquirt to bring that old 350 into the fuel injection age, or at least a TBI system from a late 80’s GM pickup.

I went with MegaSquirt for my Travelall.

You must be getting old, last year’s robot hauler didn’t have all these cushy amenities :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s towing like with the small engine and tall gears?

heh…you and Scott Clark…

I considered adding EFI, but it’s so easy to just bolt on a Quadrajet and get mileage, performance, and reliability…without the hassle of trying to figure out how to put all that wiring in and make it look good, dealing with a high pressure fuel system, having to tune, the added cost, etc. I literally took the carb off the shelf where it had been sitting for a couple years, bolted it on the engine, and it fired first try. I haven’t even adjusted the idle mixture screws.

Robot picture…getting ready to take our 2014 robot to a “reveal” event at the mall Friday. Then to Duel in the Desert Saturday.