The NEW Segway

I just hope they make it afoordable to begin with. It wont sell well if it costs more than a simple new car!!

cool segway site about a home built balancer…he makes some cool points about how and why he built his and why in many ways it’s better and cheaper.

just for fun.

Looks cool, but if it ever did came out I couldn’t see it being as big as Segways because… well, you can’t really ride one of these things down the sidewalk safely. So, if I had to choose, I’d stick w/ the segway.

Well, i think that its not really meant to be for the sidewalks. Its an off road type vehicle, which adds a whole new perspective to the technology on the segway.

Pretty soon you’ll have motorcycles that work that way…

Yeah, but 20 MPH is way too slow for most roads… and from a cost perspective, Segway products have always been expensive. People will be much more likely to just go out and by an ATV for the same price that can go 2-3 times faster, easily.

But, this does seem cool w/ the whole balancing thing. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to have one… if it was free :]

If you ask me, I think the addition of one thing would make the Centaur more viable: a method to tow things. Not too terribly much, but enough to make the thing more versatile. (Cities don’t seem to be afraid of some electric cars–there’s a fair amount whirling around USC’s campus.)

I agree, now that you mention it. If the Centaur could carry stuff, it might even be used by Cities. For park maintainance and things of that sort.

Well, i think that maybe our ideas on improving the Centaur may be taken into account if Segway ever considers producing this model.

I HIGHLY doubt that this will get produced as is, but I think the biggest reason why Segway created this model is to test the ideas behind, and see if it works, a two wheel vehicle transforming into a four, and vice versa. Imagine having our two wheeled segway in the city, then on the way home it leans down, two other wheels pop down and you can go home really fast!

in a link there, i found a LEGO self balancing robot!!! well, he did use a non “official lego” sensor so in a way he is cheating, but still!!! awsome!!!

I think it’s soo cool. I REALLY want one, but I don’t like the overall design of it, mebbe if it was more for the BMX riders it’d be cooler. like if it was made for those sorts of ppl instead of ppl who r too lazy to walk, which is basically what it is, hence human transporter. lol. anyways, i’m so psyched! i really want to ride on one of those :smiley:

Looks awesome. I’d hate to see the price tag on one of those! :ahh:

Sweet. I want one!!! :smiley:

well, although it would be fun to try to build one, i am not sure it would be possible. and, if it would be, i cannot see spending that much money on a project. just buy a segway. just the cost of motors alone would drive the cost out of the world.

That is beautiful. Absolutely brilliant.

Looks like pre-marketing has begun.
Only $3500

We found this advertisement in the in-flight magazine on our way home from Atlanta.

I worked at NextFest at Navy Pier in July and I got to meet the owner of one of these and during take down I got to ride it.
Let me tell you it is the coolest thing I have ever ridden.

Looking at those i have no idea how they manage it. It looks like their is no room for motors, electronics, and batteries! Maybe they employ an alternate reality storage system…
:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: