The 'Newdle' Agreement

With today’s team update, the [old] Noodle Agreement (TNA) is no longer effective - you can’t just dump the litter through the chute for 40 easy points. A few members of my team were thinking that there may be a new Noodle Agreement. Noodles are worth 1 point when in the landfill and 4 points if unprocessed. What if both alliances agree to:

  1. Throw >8 of their litter to the other side of the field
  2. Not push it into the landfill zone or push it out of
    the landfill zone if it lands there 1. Do this mutually so that both alliances get at least 32 points for these 8 litter instead of 8

Both alliances can keep a few litter to put in containers.

This provides a clear benefit for both alliances and it is equally easy to push litter out of the landfill zone (newdle agreement task) as it is to push it in (standard game task).

The noodle agreement is not dead.

This requires enough skill to actually get a noodle to the other side of the field, so I don’t really think there is much to worry about.

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I’d agree with Thad here - with practice, you might be able to get one or two across the field per match, but as events go on and noodles get more damaged, it will get harder to do. I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem.

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But seriously, I wouldn’t bank on the human players from both alliances being able to get all the noodles over to the other side of the field.

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While the math to your solution may be correct, the ability to get the situation for the math to work, will be very difficult… (Getting >8 pieces of litter over the STEP. Remember, only humans are allowed to throw it across, robots are not allowed to.)

Could be possible, but much harder to uphold.

The problem with this idea is that even if the alliances make the agreement, throwing the noodles across is so hard that maintaining the agreement would be difficult. In practice, whichever team was more successful at throwing the noodles would get more points out of the deal. So it would essentially become a competition to see which team was able to throw across more noodles–

Wait, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it. Well played GDC, well played.

Throwing the noodles that far is easy… I may have a bias because both our human player and I are 6’4"+.


What incentive would a team have to make such an agreement if they had the ability to throw the noodles that far? Why wouldn’t it be better for an alliance to throw their noodles to the other side of the field, score whatever lands on their own side in the landfill, and score more points that the other alliance, therefore giving them more points in their qualifying average than three other teams?

It seems as though the rules lend themselves to a strategy where each alliance tries as hard as they can to score as many points as they can, while minimizing the scored points of the other alliance. That would be the point of FIRST Robotics COMPETITION.

This are dumb.

Let’s just throw our own tubes and agree to try to score the most points for our own alliance.

-Gooooooo blue team!!!

Go ahead and write a contract for your idea, OP. Pass it out at your competition and request feedback.

Should go well.

Looks like they chose to use a marking method on the noodles. After some practice throws, I noticed the best chance at making over the step was to throw the litter like a javelin straight down the length of the field. Even then it has to get past the landfill zone and I can’t get a good look on whether or not it landed there.

Seems like the “Noodle Agreement” has been fixed. While the Newdle Agreement is a noble concept I think it will overly complicate the game.

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