The newest FRC code meta - Emojicode

Have you ever been annoyed at how legible your codebase is? Reading actual words is a chore, and sucks the joy out of programming. Do you want to change that? I’ve got just the thing for you

Presenting: the most disgusting creation ever to grace this Earth’s surface, FRC code written using emojicode.

This will make sure your robot code is completely illegible, and will also ensure that your team is certified lit fam :fire::100:

Here’s an example of just how great your new codebase can be

    🐇❗ 🍎 timeout 🔢 mode 🔢 📻 🔤EC_HAL_Initialize🔤
    🐇❗ 🌽 📻 🔤EC_HAL_ObserveUserProgramStarting🔤


    🍎🐇🤖500 0❗
    😀 🔤Hello world!🔤❗️
    🔁 👍 🍇

The repository for this code is found here. Abandon hope all ye who enter


Eh, real programmers use LOLCODE anyways.


This is truly the beginning of the FRC Programming Emojicode Revolution. Your move @WPILib


This is also quite possibly the end of the FRC Programming Emojicode Revolution. Call me a heretic, but . . .


We must ascend further:


Been there, done that.

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When I was the Software Lead for 3946 in 2012 and 2013, “Eh, just write it in LOLCODE” was a common joke response within the programming sub-team to any sort of “its not working” or “I’m not sure how to do that” statement.

The times they are a changing! lol.

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