The NFL 2004-2005 Season Thread

Saw Jeff’s post before so figured its a good time to do this now as well.

Lets see-Start off with your favorite team(s)-players and any other favorites-then predicitions for playoffs/awards-and then just any other thing about the new season you want/think will happen.

Favorite Teams-Titans-Seahawks-Packers
Players-Ben Rothelisberger-Peter Sirmon-Matt Hasselbeck-Nick Barnett-Drew Brees

Div Winners-NFC/AFC EAST-Philly/New England
North-Green Bay/Baltimore
West-Seattle/Kansas City
Wild Cards-Minnesota-St Louis/Indy-Cinci

First Round-Green Bay beats St Louis
Minnesota beats Carolina
Indy beats Baltimore
Kansas City beats Cinci

2nd-Green Bay beats Philly
Seattle beats Minnesota
Tennessee beats KC
New England beats Indy

Conf Championships
Seattle beats Green Bay
Tennessee beats NE

Super Bowl

Itll be another good year for Tennessee, but yet again they will fall short.
Seattle can only be stopped if New England beats Tennessee.
Philly will not make it past the 2nd-no matter who they play-they most likely will be tired after 6 grueling division games.
Indy will get a tough 2nd round matchup-i think they will have a big injury during the season and not be able to get over it.
Baltimore has little challenge in the North-so they take the division easily.
New England will have a great season no matter what-but i think teams will start to figure them out.
Green Bay will just not have tough matchups throughout the year-just by other teams having off games-and will end up ready for the playoffs.
KC will start to improve but the defense is still not where it should be and priest isnt getting younger.

MVP-Matt Hasselbeck-will have a great year with Shaun Alexander behind him-Other possibilities-Chris Brown-Favre-Peyton Manning-Trent Green
Offensive player of the year-Priest Holmes/Ladanian Tomlinson
Defensive player of the year-Keith Bulluck
Rookie of the year-Most will end up saying Kevin Jones or Kellen Winslow Jr.-but i have a feeling it wont be a big name, someone from the 3rd round i think will end up getting it.

Records to be broken-Although Priest is now 30-he will have a decent year, not as many TD’s as last year-but expect him to get towards 2000 yards.

Other things to watch-Pittsburgh/Giants Qb battles-Maddox is on his way out, and Warner has looked shaky(Manning has too though). I expect Roth to be in by Week 7 and Eli only as a spot player or really early.
Also will San Diego make a stupid mistake by putting Rivers in during the first game.
Will the Madden Curse continue??? Will Ray Lewis being on the cover completely ruin their shot at the North?

I have more things to watch for too-just cant remember what.

Favorite Teams-Jets-Cowboys-Panthers
Players-Chad Pennington-Santana Moss-Dan Morgan (Alumni of my HS- JP Taravella)-Deion Sanders- Ken Dorsey

Div Winners-NFC/AFC EAST-Philly/New England
West-St. Louis/Kansas City
Wild Cards-Dallas-Seattle/NY Jets-Tennessee

First Round-Minnesota beats Seattle
Dallas beats Philly
NY JETS beats Indy
Cincinnati beats Tennessee

2nd-Dallas beats St. Louis
Carolina beats Minnesota
KC beats New England
NY JETS beats Cincinnati

Conf Championships
Carolina beats Dallas in OT
KC beats NY JETS

Super Bowl

Carolina hits a 46 yd. field goal to go up by 6 with 1:22 remaing in the game. Dante Hall returns the kick-off to their own 45. 3 straight runs by Preist Holmes brings the Chiefs to the Carolina 22. On 3rd and 8, Trent Green connects with Tony Gonzalez who goes out of bounds at the 17. 4th and 3 with 37 seconds on the clock. Holmes picks up a 8 yd. gain and the Chiefs take their final timeout. There is now 29 seconds left. Trent Green steps back in the pocket, steps back to pass- and Dan Morgans levels him as he heaves the ball towards the back of the endzone, and it is INTERCEPTED by Ricky Manning , and the Carolina Panthers are the Super Bowl Champions.

Super Bowl MVP- Jake Delhomme 15/26 for 239 yds. and 2 touchdowns
MVP-Marc Bulger-he has a top RB in Marshall Faulk and a top WR in Torry Holt behind him-Other possibilities-Chad Pennington-Ray Lewis-Peyton Manning
Offensive player of the year- Randy Moss
Defensive player of the year- Ray Lewis (Breaks the Madden Curse)
Rookie of the year- Carson Palmer/Larry Fitzgerald

The Dolphins will fire Dave Weinstad (sp?) after they start the season 0-5, they will finnish the year 4-12. Eli Manning will make his first NFL start in week 12, after the Giants are eliminated from the playoffs. Finally, the Altanta Falcons will just miss the playoffs as on the last play of the season Mike Vick fumbles the ball on a run, giving the Seattle Seahawks a 20-17 win and the WildCard.

Carson Palmer isnt eligible anymore-even though he was on the bench-it still counts as you were on the team and able to play.
Dave Wantstedt(sp? too lol) will definitely be fired, he shouldve been a long time ago, granted hes had bad breaks, he still should have the team in a better position. The GM also hasnt drafted too well, and then bringing in David Boston was a mistake(although it was only a late round pick). Hes only been problems for teams he was on.

I thought that because Palmer didn’t take a snap yet, that he was still eligible. O Well. From my understanding, it was not the Dolphin’s GM that make the choices, but it was Wannstedt (looked up the spelling) that chose the players that they did. I agree that trading for David Boston wasn’t the best thing to do, but for what they gave up, it’s worth a try.

Im almost positive about the Palmer thing, b/c Brees wasnt considered a rookie the year after he sat the bench, i think its just as long as your dressed.
And ya Wannstedt does alot of the decision making, but the final say will always be the GM, they hand in trades, picks, etc. And the 6th round for Boston is a steal if you couldve had him play like he did in Arizona.

Team: Washington Redskins
Players: LaVar Arrington, Jon Jansen, Shaun Alexander, Justin Skaggs, any player from the Hampton Roads area (Mike Vick)

East: Washington/NE
South: Carolina/ Indy
North: GB/ Baltimore
West:Seattle/ Denver
Wild Cards: Two surprises in the NFC, Arizona and Detriot/ Cincy, Tennesee

GB defeats Detriot in the tundra
Arizona shocks Carolina
in a hard fought contest, Tennesee outlasts defending world champs NE in snowy conditions
Denver barely edges a fiesty Cincy team

Washington holds off a final drive from Brett Favre and the Packers when Sean Taylor and LaVar Arrington combine to stop Ahman Green at the goal-line as time expires in an instant classic
Seattle ends Arizona’s cinderella story with their high octane offense
Baltimore’s D stuffs the Denver O in an easy victory for Baltimore
Indy outduels Tennesee in a high scoring affair

Washington d steps up and former Seahawk Shawn Springs intercepts Matt Hasselback in OT and returns it for a TD after Hasselback said that they would get the ball and score.
In a classic match-up, great defense beats great offense as Baltimore wins handly.

Super Bowl:
Washington: 10
Baltimore: 17

Gibbs unable to work the magic as the Baltimore D stuffs an overworked and tired Clinton Portis for under 100 yrds for the first time in the playoffs, and intercepts Brunell twice, including one returned for the GW TD by one of the most hated redskins of all-time, Deion Sanders. (pains me to type that)

MVP-Clinton Portis-Gibbs will fed him the ball all day, and he’s got a good line even without Jansen
Offensive Player: Portis, see above
Defensive Player: Ray Lewis, will be a beast as always
Offensive Rookie: Kellen Winslow, will complain if not given the ball, so numbers will be big
Defensive Rookie: Sean Taylor, he’s a beast, look what he’s done in pre-season.
Coach of the Year: Dennis Green, impossible turn around that no one expected, and deserves the award

Dallas is the worst team when over-worked D can’t make up for lack of offense
Minnesota can’t keep the ego’s under control, costing them the playoffs
Vick plays horrible in new offense.
Philly realizes that TO is a cancer to the team, and miss the playoffs with lack of DB to complement aggressive D.