The Ninja Munkees 2014 Robot "TUMBLER"

Team 2395 is proud to present our 2014 robot Tumbler to the FIRST community.
Click here for reveal video](

Tumbler and our team will be playing in OKC this weekend.

Some general specs:

  • 4 Cim 2 Mini-CIM WCD geared for 18/8 FPS
  • Elastic catapult has an effective 9’ “sweet spot” (prior to recent mods)
  • Intake is designed for easy inbounding, fast pick up, and to maintain ball control
  • No chance of having the ball roll off our bot
  • Capable of front intake “kiss pass” and back “up and over pass”
  • Tested camera assisted autonomous with hot goal recognition

Good luck to all of the teams competing this season!

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!
Boeing, OG&E, AAR Aircraft Services, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma County 4-H, Metro Technology Center, AT&T Pioneers, D&D Design and Manufacturing, Choctaw Industries, and everyone else who made this crazy season possible!

Cool! Good luck at the events!