The no Nats blues

The eve of Wednesday was upon us
You packed you stuff up tight
Some clothes, CDs, a toothbrush?
Enough to last a couple nights
That doesn’t matter to me
I’ve not much to choose
You better believe
I’ve got the no nats blues

The budget was tight
Transportation was scarce
It doesn’t feel right
that we’re not going there
It’s now a tradition
After three years, even still we lose
You’ve not a great position
If you have the no nats blues

[Sweet harmonica bridge section]

I feel sorry for the seniors, who I sense have lost the spirit
I feel sorry for the freshmen, who don’t get the big idea yet
I feel sorry for the school, I still can’t bring them around
Pre-qualified don’t mean a thing if you can’t get to town
In a big football city, it’s hard to make the news
But next year, my team will beat the no nats blues.

That’s pretty much what me and my team was feeling last night, as I’m sure a few of you have been feeling too. I’ll get back to you guys with the guitar tabs.

that is pretty awesome … i wish my team was going to nats :frowning:

Now if we could just get Dean Simmons and the Kamens to do this song with a good delta blues beat! Oh, would that be great or what :cool: